Where is Serial Killer Raja Kolander’s Wife Phoolan Devi Now?

Serial Killer Raja Kolander wife phoolan devi

Where is Serial Killer Raja Kolander’s Wife Phoolan Devi Today? – The first episode of the Indian true-crime documentary series Indian Predator, which launched on Netflix in July, focused on the murders committed by Chandrakant Jha, also known as the Butcher of Delhi. Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer’s sophomore season premieres on September 7, and India Today Originals, the digital division of India Today TV, is in charge of producing it.

Raja Kolander, an accused cannibal who has killed more than 15 people, will be the main focus of this season. When he murdered a journalist, his diary came to light and revealed his prior crimes in horrifying detail. According to legend, Raja Kolander, also known as Ram Niranjan, thought that he might acquire these traits by murdering people who already possessed them, stewing their brains in a boiling pot, and then consuming the soup that resulted from the process. Until he was apprehended in 2000, he is said to have perpetrated this crime on 14 separate individuals.I am sure some fans must be interested to know about this serial killer’s wife, Pholan Dev, and her current whereabouts, so keep reading below to get your answer.

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Raja Kolander wife phoolan devi Children

Who Is Pholan Devi?

In 2000, Phoolan and her husband were Chheoki locals, and she was a proudly elected member of the district council while her husband worked as a government clerk in Allahabad (Prayagraj), Uttar Pradesh. According to thecinemaholic, Raja Kolander chose to give her the name of the bandit turned politician who also championed women’s rights before making her run for office, she was actually born Gomti Devi. He had hoped that the mother of his three children, Adalat (court), Zamanat (bail), and Andolan (protest), would achieve the same level of notoriety as her namesake, but it didn’t really pan out.

The reason for this is that, according to accounts, the unfortunate case of journalist Dhirendra Singh quickly came to light and implicated the couple as well as Phoolan’s brother Vakshraj Kol through a simple phone call. On December 14, 2000, the former had disappeared, but two days later, on December 16, their Chheoki home telephone number had been called from his personal device, indicating a problem. To get “the truth” about her husband and his actions, Phoolan was interrogated by the detectives who had followed her when she had contacted Dhirendra’s phone.

Who Is Raja Kolander (Ram Niranjan)

Where is Phoolan Devi Today?

Phoolan’s same accusations are still unknown, but we know that she and her immediate family were detained on or around December 18 for involvement in the heinous crime. Because she was likely aware of her husband’s proclivities but did not report him, she may have been found guilty of murder, conspiracy, or aiding and abetting. As a result, she is currently serving a life term in a district prison, similar to Raja.

It should be noted that Raja first cited a relationship between Dhirendra and Phoolan as his justification for the murder, but “Indian Predator” portrays this claim as a total fabrication. In reality, he allegedly killed the journalist before slicing off his head and genitalia out of an instinctive need to keep his illegal activities hidden from the public.

Netflix is now streaming the documentary series “Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer.

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