Space Force Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained

Space Force Season 2 Recap

The titular agency in Netflix’s Space Force‘ pulls together the best scientific brains and military strategists for some high-clearance silliness.

The team is reunited in Season 2 following an “incident” on the Moon involving American and Chinese astronauts.

Budget cuts have put the agency’s Mars mission in peril. Of course, an astronaut is already halfway to Mars and has been abruptly abandoned (in the funniest possible way, mind you).

But General Mark Naird (Steve Carell) has it all under control, and he and his scientist counterpart Dr. Adrian Mallory forge ahead with their faithful underlings (John Malkovich).

What remains to be seen is how far they will go. Let’s revisit season 2 of ‘Space Force‘ for a second look at the amazing shenanigans.


Space Force Season 2 Ending Explained

Recap: Season 2 of Space Force

Season 2 begins with a government hearing with all of the usual suspects from Team Space Force. Naird is accused of being involved in an international issue involving American and Chinese astronauts, as well as the season 1 finale debacle.

General Kick Grabaston grins as he stands on the sidelines, but is upset when Naird isn’t arrested.

However, Space Force is placed on a four-month probationary period and their funding is cancelled, prompting one of Dr. Mallory’s most memorable tantrums (in which he smashes a military Humvee!)

As a result of a shortage of money, the Mars mission is cancelled, and an astronaut is stuck halfway to the Red Planet 9 months into his journey. Worse, he’s hungry for pizza.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Erin looks into alternatives to college and makes a tidy sum by investing in her college fund.

Despite Naird’s best efforts, his daughter decides to take a gap year, apparently inspired by Mallory’s (graphic) reminiscences about his own college days.

In a difficult will-they-won’t-they predicament, Captain Angela Ali and Dr. Chan exchange sparks. Violent robot combat and being trapped in an elevator together, on the other hand, become therapeutic for their growing romance.

Because of the tight budget, Naird decides to make a commercial for an energy drink, which goes just as you might expect. F. Tony comes to the rescue, thankfully (and unexpectedly!).

Space Force Season 2 Promo / Trailer

Is There an Asteroid Heading Towards Earth in Season 2 of Space Force? Why is it that Team Space Force has started singing?

The season finale is a screamer, with the Space Force offices completely hacked in the first episode.

A free bag of M&Ms from a vending machine is a nice bonus, but an American spacecraft tumbling out of orbit isn’t.

The squad huddles in the dark, realising that the attack is being carried out by one of their rival Chinese intelligence groups. What’s the remedy? We won’t go into too much detail, but it’s a classic “Naird” approach that’s both amusing and effective.

With the threat of the satellite collapsing avoided, the team is ecstatic to learn that their funding (and raises) has been reinstated.

Space Force Season 2

Our favourite Space Force members celebrate in the control room as Season 2 comes to an end. Naird shows out the agency’s newest acquisition, the towering Hawaii telescope.

An alarming vision appears as soon as the telescope’s video goes live. On the screen, a massive asteroid is rushing towards Earth.

Our heroes started singing about escape to sunny beaches, stunned by their panic.

Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger, putting the new agency in its most perilous situation yet. Anyone who has never dealt with an approaching asteroid can only watch it approach Earth.

There are no specifics on the amount of time it will take to have an effect. The asteroid could still be far away, giving the agency weeks, if not months, to prepare.

Nonetheless, the threat remains, as evidenced by the team’s reaction. They appear to be at a loss for what to do, which is why they turn to Naird’s stress reliever: singing The Beach Boys’ ‘Kokomo.’

In a few difficult situations, we’ve seen the General do this previously. Now it appears that his squad has adopted the idea as well, and, as is frequently the case with Naird, even his most outlandish plans end up working out in the end.

Do Angela Ali and Dr. Chan Date? What was the beginning of Dr. Chan and Angela Ali’s relationship?

Captain Angela Ali (raised to Major at the end of season 2) and Dr. Chan had a fun fling that even rocket scientists can’t grasp.

Angela returns after a turbulent voyage to the Moon, where she is bewildered and slightly disturbed, and the relationship begins soon after. She plays the drums for hours and throws her dirty clothes out the window (she refers to persons who do laundry as “true heroes”).

She finds refuge in Chan during these perplexing times, and the two spend the night in a motel together.

Chan is head over heels in love with Angela, but misunderstandings and general awkwardness lead to some amusing antics.

After a brief romance, the two drift apart. A vicious robot duel between the two leads to a brawl, resulting in even more awkwardness.

Finally, while locked in an elevator during the Chinese hack, Angela and Chan start to open up to one another.

As a result, Dr. Chan and Angela Ali are no longer together by the end of the second season.

They both look to be amenable to the notion, and it appears that they have decided to stay at Space Force because of each other (after initially planning on quitting the agency).

Is Erin Terminating Her Service with the Space Force?

Erin is having trouble deciding what she wants to do with her life after her father, outraged that she is gambling with her college fund, stops her stock trading.

Erin decides to take a gap year after being forced to do a college interview, which she aced by convincing the interviewer that she is unprepared for college.

Dr. Mallory’s outrageous stories about his own gap year in college add fuel to the flames, much to Naird’s chagrin.

Erin decides to join the Forest Service in Colorado after recognising that her worried father needs her to stay close.

As a result, she will most likely stay close by but will be excluded from the government space agency’s everyday activities.

Given that the Forest Service is also a government entity, Erin’s paths may cross with those of the Space Force in the future, maybe as a result of a disagreement between the two.

In the end, it appears that Erin will spend less time in the Space Force facilities, but we haven’t seen her last.