Stephanie Houston Murder Case: Where Is Patrick Murillo Today?

How Did Stephanie Houston Die

Stephanie Houston Murder: Where Is Patrick Murillo Now? – The loss of Stephanie Houston, the older daughter, in Belen, New Mexico, in February 2000, caused the Houston family to experience a tragedy that rocked their world. Stephanie Houston was run over by an unknown car on a deserted road.

Stephanie died before reaching the hospital. But the family’s suffering didn’t end there; approximately a year and a half after Stephanie’s passing, Crystal Houston, her younger sister, was discovered dead from strangulation in her camper home.

The terrible deaths of the two sisters are chronicled in the Investigation Discovery documentary Murder Comes To Town: Tragedy Comes in Pairs,” which also demonstrates how the investigation was successfully concluded. Let’s now investigate the circumstances of Stephanie Houston’s mysterious death to learn more.

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Stephanie Houston’s Cause of Death

Stephanie Houston was well-liked in her neighbourhood and was described as being vibrant and down to earth. She appeared to have a great existence with her 10-year-old kid and her long-term partner, Patrick Murillo, to the outside observer. People commented on how Stephanie and Patrick appeared to get along well and how the former was very giving and willing to help others.

In addition, Stephanie managed a convenience shop and hoped for a better future. Unfortunately, a startling turn of events crushed all of her hopes. Authorities in Belen, New Mexico, learned of a car collision on a dark stretch of road on February 27, 2000. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they discovered Stephanie lying injured on the road after being struck by a pickup truck.

Fortunately, the woman was still alive, and the cops transported her right away to a nearby hospital. She nevertheless passed away on the way, and the hospital pronounced her dead when she arrived. But the medical examiner first concluded that Stephanie’s death was the result of a homicide.

Who was Stephanie Houston’s killer?

It’s interesting to note that Stephanie attended Patrick’s band’s performance at the Red Carpet Bar on February 27, 2000. She apparently started dancing with her buddy, Reuben Chavez, which upset Patrick, according to the television program. In reality, concertgoers afterward recalled that Patrick became enraged and struck Reuben before the bouncers separated them and begged the men to behave.

Reuben claimed to have run an errand after the fight, but the witnesses saw Patrick and Stephanie engage in a violent argument. He kept chastising her for how she behaved towards Reuben, but Stephanie said their bond was only platonic. Even though Reuben did not run into Stephanie at the bar that evening, he did note that on his way home, he had passed Patrick’s pickup truck parked on the side of the road just a few feet from the bar.

Stephanie Houston

Reuben claimed to have seen the automobile lurch ahead for around 20 metres before coming to another stop, despite the fact that it was difficult to see anything due to the road’s relative darkness. After noticing something was awry, he hurried to the scene and discovered Stephanie almost completely asleep on the road. Reuben didn’t waste any time in calling the police after realizing that she had been struck by the truck.

When police arrived on the scene and questioned Patrick, he claimed that he and Stephanie were having a fight when Stephanie rushed out of his car. He later asserted, however, that his girlfriend attempted to hold onto the back of the car but was unsuccessful, lost her balance, and was struck by the trailer he was pulling.

Surprisingly, despite what the medical examiner thought, the police seemed to accept this during their inquiry, and Stephanie’s death was determined to be an accident. Nevertheless, Patrick was detained and accused of homicide by vehicle.

Patrick Murillo: Where Is He Now?

Stephanie Houston’s family obviously rejected the accident claim. The show claimed that there was a lot of proof that Patrick had been harsh toward Stephanie and they both used to fight many times. However, nothing was ever shown, and Patrick was exonerated of vehicular homicide in 2004.

Since that time, Patrick has chosen to maintain a low profile and has a restricted presence in public. Readers should be aware that although multiple sources assert that Patrick committed suicide, this assertion has not been verified, and it is unknown where he is at this time.

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