Danny and Kim Daniels Murders: Where Is Survivor Amber Daniels Today?

Where Is Survivor Amber Daniels Now

Where Is Survivor Amber Daniels Now? – Amber Daniels was overjoyed when her parents, Danny and Kim, decided to become foster parents in Santa Claus, Georgia. She claimed that having a house full of kids meant there was never a dull moment and that she was always meeting new people. No one could have prepared Amber for the devastation her decision would cause to her loved ones.

Danny, Kim, and their two children were murdered in the December 4, 1997 episode of Shattered” Season 2 Episode 7 “Welcome To Santa Claus”, that aired on Investigation Discovery. And Amber experienced a horrific event, too. So people what to know more about Amber Daniels and her current whereabouts. Keep reading below to get more on this.

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Who Is Amber Daniels

Who Is Amber Daniels and What Happened to Her?

Amber Daniels was just ten years old when her parents were murdered. The show highlighted the fact that her mother, Kim, had problems with substance abuse and alcoholism, which contributed to a terrible upbringing. Amber and her siblings returned to their mother’s care after Danny had helped her become well. Playing with and making friends with other kids her age was a highlight of her time as a foster kid with Danny and Kim. In contrast, Amber was an excellent student with lofty goals.

Jo Anna Moseley, then 10 years old, was rescued from an abusive family by the Daniels in 1997. They soon bonded as friends. Jo Anna’s brother, Jerry Scott Heidler, was described as a kind twenty-year-old who occasionally dropped by the residence. A dreadful thing was going to happen to Amber’s family, and she had no idea.

To Danny’s dismay, Jerry was particularly close to Jessica, the older Daniel daughter. The vast age difference between them infuriated Jerry. On the morning of December 4, 1997, he broke into the Daniels’ house. Then, when Danny and Kim were sleeping, Jerry pulled a semi-automatic shotgun from a cabinet and began firing at them.

Both Jessica and Bryant were shot and died as they came to investigate the sound of gunfire. Jerry woke up Amber, his sister and Kim’s third biological daughter, and abducted her after committing four horrific murders. After that, he ran away. Amber put her whole trust in him, so she went along with him everywhere he went. Jerry went to a secluded area and sexually assaulted Amber, who was seated in the backseat.

Jerry left them off on the side of the road in Bacon County after forcing the others to watch the horrible rape, and a passing farmer reported them to the police. After being freed, Amber explained what had happened in the car and positively identified Jerry from a lineup of images. A worldwide notice was issued due to her statement, and the culprit was eventually apprehended at a relative’s home in Alma, Georgia.

Where Is Amber Daniels Now

Where Is Amber Daniels Now?

The cops could apprehend Jerry effectively after Amber fingered him as the attacker. He also pleaded guilty to four counts of murder, kidnapping, child molestation, aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, and burglary. Those were the charges that were levelled against him. After serving 110 years of his sentence, Jerry was executed in 1998.

In the months since her trial, Amber has been silent on matters of her private life. She stays quiet about her personal life. In an appearance on Investigation Discovery, she gushed about the loving relationship she shared with her parents. Amber detailed the awful ordeal she had to endure and how she still misses her loved ones back home. We have no idea of her whereabouts at the present time due to the fact that she keeps such a low profile on social media.

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