Suzhal the Vortex: Recap and Ending Explained

Suzhal the vortex recap and ending explained

Suzhal the Vortex Ending Explained – The suspenseful Tamil-language original thriller series “Suzhal the Vortex,” created by Pushkar-Gayathri for Prime Video, consistently keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. At Mr. Trilok’s deception, the cops in a cement industry unleash horror on the workers who are protesting.

In the tiny made-up town of Sambaloor, a whodunit is brewing as the story becomes entangled in a web of falsehoods and asides. More mysteries are awaiting disclosure in the interim. The conclusion, which draws a comparison to the conclusion of the Mayana Kollai celebrations, pays justice to the perplexing and complicated riddle.

Suzhal the vortex recap

Suzhal the Vortex – Recap

The episode begins with a flashback at the graveyard, next to the protective demon monument, where Adhisayam is recording the lines that Nila has prepared for him to use as a distraction against Regina (Sriya Reddy). We witness Nila playing with a machete. After asking him what his responsibilities are, she informs Adhisayam that he is her guardian demon. After recuperating from her most recent seizure, Nandini (Aishwarya Rajesh) speaks with Dr. Sangamithra (Mekha Rajan) about the reason why Nila (Parthiban Radhakrishnan) never told Shanmugam (Aishwarya Rajesh) about her sexual assault. According to Sangamithra, a person’s capacity to open up during a period of severe distress has its boundaries.

She points out that Nandini’s recollection is incomplete since, like Nila, she underwent a horrible experience and buried it all. Sangamithra and the senior physician (Logananthan) discuss the fact that Nandini is more concerned about Nila’s sexual abuse than she is about herself. In fact, according to Sangamithra, it is obvious that Nandini is also a victim of sexual abuse. This is supported by Nandini’s nightmare, in which she imagines herself in Nila’s shoes and being touched by an elderly guy, suggesting that the perpetrator in both incidents is the same. Nandini is aware that the violent incident she had long concealed has come to light.

Inspecting the jeep Sakkarai (Kathir) and Regina typically drive, Kothandaraman (Santhana Bharathi) notices a spot on the rubber carpets. He touches and smells it as well, and he smiles sarcastically in response to the revelation. He visits Vadde Cements’ union attorney (Amarendran) to discuss the fire. According to the attorney, there haven’t been any significant disputes between the employees and the management during his twenty years of employment. Only in the past three years have they begun.

Kothandaraman recognizes that the attorney is referring to the time when Trilok assumed control of the business. The attorney claims it was merely a coincidence that things were already deteriorating when Trilok entered the picture. Kothandaraman speculates as to whether this was the cause of the employees’ walkout. The attorney claims he is not aware of the rationale for their strike on that specific day. He takes out a file to demonstrate that he and Shanmugam had renegotiated the workers’ contract and anticipated the company’s future.

Trilok is asleep but recovering as Yusuf Hussain’s character, Mukesh sits by him and recalls a moment when Trilok said that he did not want to be a part of the legacy of his father’s industry. Mukesh reprimanded him for preferring to be a significant contributor to a small community instead of working for someone in a large city. Mukesh sneered at this statement and informed him that the community viewed the two of them as the town’s villains. As he leaves the medical facility, Kothandaraman is looking for Trilok.

Suzhal the vortex

He is informed by Mukesh that he is temporarily incapacitated and is unrelated to the fire. Kothandaraman claims to be aware of that. No matter the circumstances surrounding the factory’s closure, the workers are guaranteed at least a year’s worth of pay, according to Kothandaraman, who produces the contract he obtained from the union lawyer. He goes on to say that there are frequent casualties in fire incidents. However, the workers were on strike when the factory caught fire. So, nobody passed away. If someone had, Mukesh wonders if Kothandaraman would have been content.

According to Kothandaraman, he is only pointing out a coincidence. He mentions how the diesel room was shut from the outside, unlike on every other occasion. He claims that he made an effort to demonstrate that improper maintenance caused the fire. Trilok, however, interfered with that by ordering the police to detain Shanmugam.

Kothandaraman claims that Trilok made the right decision by having Shanmugam arrested because he is the one to blame for the workplace fire. He claims that Regina was the one who actually purchased the tool that Shanmugam used to carry out the job. Then, he notes that Mukesh himself signed the workers’ contract, proving that Shanmugam, Regina, and Mukesh staged a false strike to drive out the workforce and then set the plant on fire. Shanmugam agreed to accept responsibility and arranged for his own arrest.

And if he did, the Vaddes would have received payment from the insurance provider. However, he was unable to do so because Nila had vanished, and he needed to leave jail to look for her. Mukesh acknowledges that he miscalculated Kothandaraman. The culprits of his deduction are in front of him; therefore, he advises him to proceed to the next phase. Even though they are all in the wrong, according to Kothandaraman, they aren’t bad guys. According to him, the factory was losing money, and the three of them were aware that if it closed, the town’s residents would suffer.

So they took these actions in order to use the insurance proceeds to pay the employees. Mukesh disputes it, claiming that Kothandaraman’s assertions are only partially accurate. The fact is that they did it to ensure the futures of their children, as Trilok would receive Mukesh’s half of the money, Regina’s share would go to Adhisayam, and Shanmugam’s share would go to Nila. But none of that was successful.

Mukesh claims that he isn’t really upset with Regina and Shanmugam for torturing Trilok so severely. Because the child ultimately bears the burden of the parents’ faults. And now that Regina and Shanmugam have both sinned, they must atone. Prem Kumar’s Vadivelu departs from Regina. Shanmugam is reassured by Devi (Indumathy Manikandan) that his acts may be beneficial or bad. He is not a bad man, though. According to Shanmugam, he shared that belief. He is no longer certain of that, though.

Sundaram (Prasanna Balachandran) reassures Sakkarai that anyone in his position would have made the same error in sending Shanmugam and Regina after Trilok while he expresses regret for doing so. It seems that Sakkarai concurs with Sundaram. He claims, however, that it does not indicate that he is any different from other police officers. He claims that they built Eswaran and Trilok’s profiles on how they looked. Sundaram explains it by claiming that there is no other way to complete the task.

Sakkarai acknowledges that he formerly believed he could read people’s minds, but that no longer holds true. Sundaram gets a call informing him that Regina and Shanmugam are turning themselves in to the police. While on their trip to the jail, Regina advises Sakkarai to keep his involvement a secret, and Shanmugam urges him to track down the children’s murderer.

Who Killed Adhisayam and Nila

Guna Explains His Killing of Adhisayam and Nila

Sakkarai goes back to the police station to review the information. When Kothandaraman shows up, he interrupts them to ask Sakkarai to sign the insurance report for the factory fire. Sakkarai is aware that Kothandaraman has not identified Shanmugam, Regina, or Mukesh Vadde as participants in the incident. Additionally, he has advised the insurance provider to make restitution to the injured party. Sakkarai instantly sings the insurance report after realizing he has done them a favor, albeit an illegal one. When Vadivelu tries to reach Sakkarai, the latter hangs up.

Informing Sakkarai that Nandini (Nivedhithaa Sathish) is absent from the hospital and has turned off her phone, Nandini arrives at the police station. Lakshmi responds that the hospital doesn’t have any CCTV cameras when Sakkarai idiotically advises her to inspect them. Sakkarai then goes to the hospital and requests information regarding Nandini’s whereabouts from the medical staff. The doctors claim they are unable to do that because doing so would violate her privacy. They are threatened with legal action by Sakkarai. At that point, they inform him of Nandini’s history of sexual abuse.

Sakkarai is unsure whether the abuser of Nandini and Nila is the same person, and when he realizes Nandini is going to reveal the truth, he kidnaps her. He gets a call from the person responsible for looking after his mother (Eashwari), who declines to spend the night. She is welcome to stay with her mom, according to Lakshmi. As a result, they head to Sakkarai’s house.

The caregiver claims that while she was leaving, she observed Nandini enter the room a little earlier to put Sakkarai’s mother to bed. The keeper didn’t give it much thought and left her alone. Sakkarai determines that Nandini is not kidnapped. She is on her own and moving about. In addition, he surmises that Nandini has used his service revolver, like Nila attempted to do, to kill her abuser.

As she surveys the town from the cemetery’s edge, Nandini is seen holding a handgun. The Mayana Kollai’s final day of proceedings is now in progress. It is the day that the Goddess locates and vanquishes the demon, according to the announcer, before taking a nap in her cradle. While Sakkarai visits Nandini to see if anyone is home, a cloaked stranger approaches Nandini.

Despite the fact that it is secured from the outside, Sakkarai notices movement inside. He enters nevertheless and only finds Selvi (Latha Rao) inside. She discusses attending Mayana Kollai and having an affair with Pushparaj (Nitish) and Devi. She is brought back to the subject of Nandini’s whereabouts by Sakkarai. She attempts to call Devi. She does not take it. She then makes a call to Guna (Kumaravel). He also doesn’t pick up.

Selvi, while contemplating Nila, remarks haphazardly that she would have instructed Guna to remain home on the day of Mayana Kollai’s flag-raising ceremony if she had known. The interior of Sakkarai’s head clicks. According to Selvi, Guna transports the skull each year. Guna lied about attending the celebration because Sakkarai recollects the priest (Venkatesan) carrying the skull that day. Selvi recalls that he appeared quite worn out when he returned the following day. Sakkarai understands that Guna was absent from the industrial fire as well.

He makes connections as Selvi states that Nandini and Nila ceased going to Guna seeking protection from Sanmugam’s reprimands when they were 12 or 13 years old. A very old picture of Guna holding Nila and Nandini is what Sakkarai looks at. Until Selvi learns Guna is the abuser, he turns and fixes his gaze on her. Because Nandini’s life is in jeopardy, Sakkarai asks Selvi to inform him where Guna could have gone as Selvi starts to cry. Sakkarai instructs Sundaram to locate Guna’s phone after realising Selvi is too disoriented to assist. When Guna sees Nandini holding a gun, she confronts her and says that Nila’s death was an accident.

He claims that Nila had called him to meet that fateful night in the same way that Nandini had done. Adhisayam attacked him with the machete when he arrived. The tanker’s explosion, however, rendered them all unconscious before he could deliver a lethal blow. Guna slit Adhisayam’s throat when they came to, then “accidentally” slit Nila’s throat as well. Then he flung them into the quarry’s pond.

Suzhal the vortex ending explained

Suzhal the Vortex Ending Explained

The revelation clearly shakes Nandini, who immediately gets to her feet. Guna explains that that evening, he contacted the police to confess and hand himself in. But he was unable to follow through. He then hung up. Sakkarai learns that Guna’s last known location was close to the old graveyard. So he runs there right away. Despite Guna’s efforts to comfort Nandini, she pushes him away. She attempts to shoot him with the gun but is unsuccessful. Guna continues by stating that he had no desire to murder Nila.

He claims that his affection for Nila and Nandini is unadulterated. Guna is made fun of by Nandini for calling it “love.” She tells about how much she trusted Guna and how the misuse of that trust prevented her from acting normally among other people. Guna shifts into emotional blackmail mode by questioning why she never notified her father about what he did. She is asked by him why she abandoned Nila. Guna tells Nandini that she left him behind when she left the town, which causes her to break even more. He talks of being alone, Nila’s death, and experiencing her death’s pain.

Guna stealthily steals Nandini’s gun as Sakkarai rushes to her aid. He then begins to discuss leaving this lie-filled life and moving in with a partner. Just when he approaches Nandini too closely, Sakkarai finally shows up and engages Guna in combat (the scene is aptly juxtaposed with the mythology of Mayana Kollai). Sakkarai briefly gains the upper hand against Guna before Sakkarai overcomes him and takes him out. At that precise moment, Nandini murders Guna.

Nandini is informed by Sakkarai that she has experienced a lot. He will therefore accept responsibility for Guna’s passing. He claims that no one ought to be aware of what transpired between her and Nila. He is interrupted by Nandini, who asserts that everyone ought to be aware of the truth. According to Sakkarai, the Goddess Angali arose and slew the sleeping demon at Mayana Kollai. She is presently sleeping.

The following text appears on the screen as Sakkarai helps Nandini leave the cemetery: “More than 90% of sexually abused children have been molested by someone they know and trust.” Child abuse leaves a legacy that lasts a lifetime. It’s safe to presume that Season 2 (if there will be one) will not continue this plot and will adopt a new one, given how decisive and moving “Suzhal: The Vortex” was. Hopefully, it will match the calibre of this season while bringing attention to yet another crucial social issue.

Who Burned the Factory

Who Set the Factory on Fire? What Does Kothandaraman’s Investigation Reveal?

The insurance company sleuth Kothandaraman looks into the dramatically opening arson case in a parallel story. At the conclusion of his investigation, Kothandaraman finds important information, and even Mukesh Vadde praises his intelligence. It initially appears as though Trilok set fire to his factory in order to put the blame on Shanmugan. Kothandaraman also considers the idea that it might have been an accident brought on by a poor maintenance procedure. However, he discovers that the business has been making substantial losses.

After Trilok joined the team, the cement industry experienced a decline. Therefore, there was no way to continue operating the business without suffering a large loss. Mukesh, Regina, and Shanmugan made the decision to set the plant ablaze. While Shanmugan carried out the action, Regina found the paint thinner. They can use the insurance proceeds in this manner to pay the workers’ wages for a year after the factory closes. Kothandaraman doesn’t name the culprits, keeping the report brief and straightforward.

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