‘The 7 Lives Of Lea’ Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained

'The 7 Lives Of Lea' Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained

Netflix ‘The 7 Lives Of Lea’ Season 1 Recap – Julien Despaux and Emilie Noblet direct “The 7 Lives of Lea,” a French thriller drama. It is based on Natael Trapp’s novel “The Seven Lives of Leo Belami.” Before we get into the story, we must first grasp the fundamental notion that underpins it. Lea, a 17-year-old girl, is transferred 30 years back in time, and she wakes up in the body of a different person every time she wakes up. So, while Lea’s thoughts and consciousness are her own, the bodily attributes belong to the other person. For 7 days, Lea is reborn into the bodies of people who lived in 1991.

She uncovers numerous mysteries and learns that what she believes to be her life was actually a compromised decision made by those closest to her. Every day brings a new revelation, and certain things that should not have been forgotten have become entangled in the sands of time. The enigma continues to deepen and become more convoluted. Without further ado, let’s have a look at ‘The 7 Lives of Lea‘ and try to figure out what’s going on with her.

'The 7 Lives Of Lea' Season 1 Recap

‘The 7 Lives Of Lea’ Season 1 Recap

Lea was surrounded by others, but she felt alone. Despite the fact that she was in front of everyone, no one could see her feelings. She is at a party beside a river when she steals a bag of intoxicating tablets and flees to a remote location. She’s ready to swallow the entire bottle of pills when she trips and sees something she didn’t expect to see. She discovered a skeleton on the beach.

She reports it to the authorities. However, the corpse she discovers fascinates her. Her parents come to pick her up from the police station, and she wants to know more. Things between Lea’s parents were not going well. They didn’t speak to one another, and the void in their relationship had a negative impact on Lea’s life. She had lost her ability to appreciate the positive aspects of life. An exciting day comes to a close, and Lea retires to her bed, still pondering the succession of events’ impenetrable opacity.

She doesn’t feel like herself when she wakes up the next day. She had slept in her own bed-chamber, and she was certain of it. But when she wakes up, she is in a room that isn’t hers, with a tiny kid sleeping in a bunker bed. In a dazed state of mind, she runs out. Suddenly, she notices herself in the mirror.

She’d changed from a girl to a boy. She had the impression that she had a difficult trip, but this was not the case. Ismael was the name given to her by the small kid who slept on the bunker bed above her. She enters the dining room and is greeted by her father and mother, both of whom refer to her as Ismael. She claims that she is not Ismael and that she has been trapped in his body, but they simply believe that their kid is playing games with them.

Soufiane, the younger brother, emerges from the house and notices that something is wrong with his sibling. Lea explains to him that she had touched the bracelet of the corpse she had discovered the day before, and that she had subsequently awoken in an unknown location, unable to comprehend what was happening to her.

Soufiane was a huge enthusiast of science fiction. He informs Lea that she might have to go back to the beginning to comprehend what was going on. Lea informs him that she discovered the body besides the river, below the Valmy cliffs, in the Verdon Gorge. Soufiane agrees to create a distraction for Ismael’s father, so Lea can flee to the Verdon Gorge.

Lea takes a hitchhiking and stops near a theatre screening “Terminator 2,” a 1991 blockbuster. It occurs to her right then and there that she has been moved to the matching date, June 15, 1991, and is trapped in this masculine body.

Patricia appears out of nowhere and informs her that she needs to get somewhere, mistaking her for Ismael. She takes her to a location that she is familiar with. It was her place of residence. She sees her grandparents and then discovers her mother and father when she enters the house. In 1991, they were all members of a rock band. Karine, her mother, was the lead guitarist, Stephane, the drummer, and Ismael, the lyricist and vocalist. He attempts to explain things to them, but it all sounds so strange that everyone assumes Ismael is out of his mind.

Ismael’s father summons him and chastises him for fleeing the harvest and lying to him. Ismael used to scribble his lyrics in a book, which Lea discovered. She burys the book on the premises so that if she ever wakes up, she may find it and know this was not a dream. Lea retires to her bed, exhausted and bewildered.

She awakens in her own bedroom, in her own body. To begin with, she considers everything to be a dream. But then she goes online and looks for the name Ismael Messaoudene. And, much to her surprise, she stumbles across a blog, where she learns that there was an actual person with that name who had been missing for years.

Soufiane, Ismael’s brother, convened a conference to determine whether the corpse discovered by Lea in the present was his brother’s or not. Lea begins to notice that the people she sees in her nightmares are all actual people. Ismael’s father used to work for Pierre Yves, who was also one of Ismael’s classmates. When Lea was reincarnated as Ismael, she discovered the notepad she had buried.

She informs her best friend Romane that she has travelled through time, but she obviously doesn’t believe her. Lea stated in front of everyone at the community meeting called by the police authorities that the body she discovered was that of Ismael Messaoudene.

She shows them the evidence of the bracelet she discovered on the body and saw Ismael wearing it; thus, she knew it belonged to him. Soufiane also confirmed that his brother wore a silver bracelet similar to the one seen on the body. However, no one could figure out how Lea knew Ismael wore that bracelet. When she inquires about Ismael, Karine lies to her, claiming that she was unfamiliar with him.

Lea sensed that there was more to it than met the eye, and that things were not as straightforward as they appeared. She goes to bed, restless about the whole affair, and tries to sleep. She wakes up and is sent back to 1991, but this time she is reincarnated as Karine, her mother.

'The 7 Lives Of Lea' Season 1 Ending Explained

Was Karine having an affair with Ismael?

Lea had been incarcerated and taken back to 1991 for the second day in a row. She discovers a secret box with a number lock in the second episode of “The Seven Lives of Lea.” She opens it and finds a photo of her mother and Ismael after guessing the passwords. The box also included an Eiffel Tower keychain with the words “Future dream apartment” printed on the back. Lea had a hunch her mother had a thing for Ismael back in 1991.

When Lea is incarnated in someone else’s body, she has no idea how to react and lacks the competence that the person previously possessed. So even if Karine learned how to play guitar, Lea wouldn’t be able to play it. This got her into a lot of difficulties since she was expected to accomplish things she didn’t understand.

Lea is curious about her mother’s relationship with Ismael. She invites Ismael to skip class and accompany her. She attempts to question him and learns that her mother was never drawn to Ismael and that she had no affair with him.

They were merely pals and band members. It was actually Lea who had been attracted to him all along. Karine and Ismael had intended to travel to Paris in order to make a living by playing in the subways and seizing any opportunity that presented itself.

Karine’s mother, on the other hand, insisted that she enrol in the “BRIM” conservatory in London. It was a prestigious music school with a promising future. However, Lea is aware that her mother did not accompany her. She stands up and realises she is back in her own body. She rushes to her mother and wonders why she didn’t go to Paris or London and instead stayed with her father, Stephane.

Karine is baffled as to how her daughter learned that she was applying to BRIM and planning a trip to Paris. Miriam, the police officer, informs Lea that they had discovered irrefutable evidence that the dead body she discovered was actually Ismael’s.

Lea sensed that her mother and father were withholding information from her. She has been reborn twice in the last two days, on June 15th and 16th. Ismael had died on June 21, and Lea knew there were mysteries concealed in these seven days, and she needed to return to find out what they were.

'The 7 Lives Of Lea' Season 1 Recap and Ending

When Lea is Reincarnated as Pye, What happens Then?

Lea’s father had told her that he, Karine, and Ismael were going to perform at a concert on World Music Day. Ismael, on the other hand, became inebriated and never returned. Pye (Pierre Yves) is suspected of supplying the drugs to Ismael, and Lea believes he played a role in his murder.

On June 17, Lea awakens as Pye for the third time. She resolves to take matters into her own hands for the first time. She acts in accordance with her own sensitivities and is unconcerned about what Pye would have done in the first place. The entire organisation changes as a result of this.

Pye, Lea believed, would have been defeated by Ismael in the battle they were meant to have. Pye would have later returned for vengeance and killed Ismael. As a result, she concludes that if Pye thrashes Ismael instead of being beaten, he will have no motivation to return on the 21st to kill him. So she wins the brawl they were meant to have with Ismael.

Pye had a girl named Jennifer with whom he had a flirtation. He had no intention of dating her or committing to a long-term commitment. Jennifer was upset because she knew Pye and his pals had body-shamed her. Lea is sympathetic to her, so she kisses Jennifer in front of the entire college, disguised as Pye, and makes their love public. In essence, Lea alters the course of events by doing so. She does something that would not have happened if it hadn’t been for her intervention.

Ismael is still dead when Lea wakes up, and a girl named Dora, who used to run a food truck and was romantically connected with Romane, is nowhere to be found. Because Lea altered the course of history, she was never born. She knows that whatever she did in 1991 has influenced a lot of current events. She becomes paranoid as a result of her thoughts. Jennifer would have hooked up with Luc, Pye’s friend, and given birth to Dora if Lea hadn’t intervened in the situation.

Lea awakens in the body of Sandra and sets out on a journey to reclaim Dora. Sandra is pregnant with Pye’s child, she realises. She confronts Pye and informs him of the situation, while also instructing Luc to go ahead and propose to Jennifer. Jonathan drives Sandra to the abortion clinic, but he has no idea that she is carrying Lea.

Lea is in a pickle and has no idea what to do. Sandra is undecided about whether she wants to keep the kid or have it aborted. Jonathan agrees to bring her back the next day, and she vows to make her decision then.

In another twist, Ismael is ejected from his home by his father after Pye accused him of cultivating weed in their fields, prompting Pye’s father to issue an ultimatum to Ismael. With nowhere else to go, Ismael begs Karine to accompany him to Paris, but she declines because she was planning to enrol in a music school in London.

When Lea returns to the present, she is overjoyed to see Dora standing next to her food truck. She also approaches Jonathan, who is now fairly elderly, and inquires if he was the one who brought Sandra to the abortion clinic twice in 1991. Jonathan nods, which relieves Lea since she knows Sandra would have made a decision based on her wishes.

Is Patricia Responsible for Ismael's Death

Is Patricia Responsible for Ismael’s Death?

Lea’s parents discover that she was carrying Ismael’s notepad. She tries to explain how she was waking up in other people’s bodies, but her parents believe she is making things up. She informs Stephane that Karine was having an extramarital affair with Pye and was cheating on him. Karine has left the house, and Lea is blaming herself for the shambles.

On June 19, 1991, Lea awoke as Patricia, the owner of a record store. Ismael arrived later, seeking for a place to stay, and Karine came to obtain narcotics from Patricia. In Patricia’s body, Lea spent private time with Ismael before eventually making love to him. Ismael instructed her to contact Pye’s father and inform him that his son, not him, was trafficking drugs.

Lea awakens in her original timeline and proceeds to track down Patricia because she saw a gun beneath Patricia’s bed and was certain it was the weapon used by Ismael to commit suicide. Patricia was suspected of killing her ex-husband, Daniel Dauriac, the main vocalist of a band called Deep Mantra, at a concert in Brighton in 1972, which Romane and Lea learn about.

They believe Patricia may have killed Ismael because he was aware of her background, or that he committed suicide with her weapon. Patricia was involved in both cases, and she almost certainly knew something that Lea didn’t.

They track Patricia down and question her about her husband’s death. She claims that her husband assaulted her and savagely beat her. In self-defense, she had slain him. Despite her claims that she did not kill Ismael, she is seen throwing her gun into the river in the final scene of episode 5 of “The Seven Lives of Lea,” which was most likely the final piece of the puzzle.

Lea and Romane begin watching the old VCR cassettes, and one of the movies shot on June 21, the day Ismael died, has a gunshot. They’re even more persuaded that Patricia was the one who killed Ismael.

On June 20, 1991, Lea awoke as her father. She discovers that her father was not heterosexual and had a long-standing attraction to Ismael. Stephane’s entire life had been a lie. It was the early 1990s, and breaking out of the closet was a difficult task. He was willing to give up his entire life rather than suffer social humiliation.

Patricia, Lea now feels, was the one who fired the gunshot. When she returns to the present timeline, she sees Patricia at Ismael’s funeral, and her faith is bolstered even further. Patricia, on the other hand, had not murdered Ismael. He was the only guy in her life who never judged her, and she adored him. Lea still needed to unearth a few more mysteries.

'The 7 Lives Of Lea' Season 1 Explained

‘The 7 Lives Of Lea’ Season 1 Ending Explained

Lea had come to the realisation that if she spared Ismael, her father would come out as gay much sooner in his life and would not end up with her mother. As a result, it’s unlikely that Lea will ever be born. She was certain that if it came down to it, she would always choose herself over Ismael in the event of a survival situation.

She had fallen in love with him, but she wasn’t ready to dedicate her life to someone who had no idea who she was. Lea had made the decision not to sleep in order to avoid the possibility of waking up in someone else’s body. But she falls asleep and, to her surprise, awakens as Ismael.

Ismael, Karine, and Stephane arrive at the concert where they were scheduled to perform on World Music Day, June 21st. Patricia, Sandra, and Pye are among those who have arrived. Patricia’s pills cause all of them to become extremely inebriated. They enter the woods and build a bonfire along the cliff’s edge. Pye points a gun at Ismael while intoxicated. Stephane has a nervous breakdown and is tired of living in shame and dread.

He wants to put an end to his ordeal, so he steals Pye’s gun and decides to commit suicide. Before he can do so, Karine steps in front of him, causing both of them to slip and fall to the ground. Stephane accidentally presses the trigger, and the bullet is fired toward Ismael. Ismael should have been shot and killed here. However, Lea, who is trapped inside his body, responds instinctively and leaps off the cliff.

He is confronted by a gang of bullies along the river, including Jonathan, Sandra’s brother. They almost drowned him by submerging his head in the water and not allowing him to breathe. Ismael manages to survive and flee. Jonathan pursues him but ultimately decides to let him live.

Ismael was scheduled to die, yet he came back to life. Lea altered the timeline in order to save him. However, Lea would cease to exist and would never be born as a result of this. She scribbled everything in Ismael’s notebook before falling asleep, knowing she wouldn’t wake up in her normal timeframe this time.

Ismael reads his notepad first thing in the morning. He has no idea who Lea is or how she came to his rescue. He returns home, where his father welcomes him into the family. He’s ready to fall asleep when he asks his younger brother, Soufiane, if he knows anyone named Lea from the future. Soufiane awakens from his slumber and tells him about the time Ismael told him he was Lea and began acting strangely.

Ismael is taken aback and discovers that the notes put in his notebook by this mysterious girl from the future named Lea contained a secret. Season 2 of Netflix’s “The 7 Lives of Lea” could be in the works, with Ismael attempting to locate Lea and learn more about what she has done for him.