The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 3 ‘Sensia’ Recap and Ending Explained

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 3 Recap And Ending

In Apple TV+’s drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,’ after getting the first dose of Dr. Rubin’s medication, In the 3rd episode of the show, Ptolemy Grey struggles to recall what happened to Coydog’s treasure.

With the exception of the adverse effects, Rubin’s medication aids Grey’s memory and composure. Regardless of Robyn’s opposition, he makes a deal with the doctor. Grey recalls the first time he met the love of his life after a chance encounter with Shirley Wring.

We’ve gone over the ending of the programme in detail because it concludes with an amazing revelation about the mystery treasure. Let’s talk about what we’re thinking!


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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained

Recap of Episode 3 of ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’

Grey opens the third episode, ‘Sensia,’ by daydreaming about his boyhood in Mississippi. Coydog explained to a young Grey that he had taken a treasure from a very affluent White man named Clive Miller and hidden it in a nearby well.

Once the treasure hunt is over, Coydog has urged Grey to find the treasure for the sake of their African-American community. Coydog was apprehended by several White males, who lynched him.

Grey awakens from his slumber and prepares to meet with Dr. Rubin. Grey would restore his memory totally after the second shot, according to the doctor.

Dr. Rubin also mentions that the shot’s impact may only last four to seven weeks, and that Grey’s memory loss may accelerate beyond that time. Despite this, Grey makes a bargain with the doctor and agrees to take the shot.

On their way back to the apartment, Grey and Robyn run across Shirley Wring, who has come to repay Grey for the money she took. They converse and sit together, forming an endearing bond.

Meanwhile, Niecie notices Robyn has moved into her uncle’s flat and misinterprets her intentions as a desire for Grey’s money.

Grey has nightmares about his first meeting with Sensia. She met Grey when she was dating Ezra, a violent man. Sensia ended her relationship with Ezra to be with Grey after being enchanted by his demeanour and pleasantness.

Ezra barged into Grey’s flat to hit him as Sensia and Grey were having a beautiful night. Sensia was enraged and fired a shot at the ground to terrify her ex-boyfriend. Sensia shot Ezra in the shoulder to make him go after realising he wouldn’t be terrified. Grey awakens from his dream and recalls the treasure’s location.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 3 Recap

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 3 Ending Explained – What happened to Coydog’s Treasure?

Coydog urged Grey to use the treasure, also known as the black heart, that he took from Clive Miller for the good of their people. Coydog told Grey to grab the treasure when it was safe to do so after hiding it in a nearby well.

Despite the fact that Coydog was able to steal it securely, he was apprehended and lynched by a group of White males. Grey, however, forgot where he placed the treasure when he took it from the well due to his dementia.

Grey understands he needs to find the riches fast because he witnessed Coydog’s sacrifice. Grey accepts Dr. Rubin’s explanation that his memory loss will only accelerate with the treatment he receives after a set amount of time in order to uncover the treasure.

Grey begins to restore his memories more quickly after receiving the second dose of Dr. Rubin’s medicine. He recalls the first time he encountered Sensia and the events that transpired following their meeting.

He recalls Ezra’s interruption and the battle they had, only for Sensia to fire a bullet into the floor, leaving a bullet hole. Grey’s memories suddenly return, allowing him to piece together the puzzle and realise that he buried the treasure beneath the floor Sensia shot to terrify Ezra, in his own apartment.

He awakens from his dream and asks Robyn to assist him in his search for riches. He makes every effort to shatter the floorboards in order to get the Black Heart that he has been looking for for quite some time.

Despite the fact that Grey’s decision to continue with Dr. Rubin’s treatment is exceedingly risky, he will achieve one of his goals by discovering the wealth.

In the 4th episode, we’ll find out if the treasure is hidden beneath the floor. If that’s the case, we’ll have to wait and see what Grey does with the treasure and whether it has anything to do with Reggie’s death.

Grey has an emotional responsibility to fulfil Coydog’s intention to use the riches for the good of their society because he had to trade his life for it. Grey may be able to realise Coydog’s dream before his memory begins to fade again.

Where is Coydog’s Treasure

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