‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Ending Explained: What happened to Trevor Elliott?

'The Lincoln Lawyer' Ending Explained

The Lincoln Lawyer Ending Explained – So, Netflix has launched the first season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ which has ten fast-paced episodes that are likely to captivate viewers. Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is a lawyer who hasn’t been in a courtroom in over a year due to an accident. He obtains all of his practise, including the Trevor Elliott murder trial, after one of his colleagues dies.

Haller spends weeks attempting to defend Trevor (Christopher Gorham) in order to win the case. Haller ultimately proves why he is one of the finest by winning the case in the ninth episode. However, things became much more intense after Haller learned that Trevor may have been the perpetrator. Before becoming unconscious, he is attacked by an unknown man.

So, who was the aggressor? Was Trevor the one who authorised this attack? Let’s see what happened in the most recent episode of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’

'The Lincoln Lawyer' recap

Recap of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

Judge Mary Holder summons Mickey, who has recently completed drug rehabilitation. She informs him that Jerry Vincent, the recently slain lawyer, has bequeathed his practise to Mickey. Mickey decides to return to practising law after realising he has a slew of new cases to fight and does not want to abandon Jerry’s clients.

Trevor Elliott, the owner of the videogame firm Parallax, is Jerry’s most well-known customer. Trevor is accused of killing his wife, Lara and her lover Jan Rilz. The tech mogul is initially doubtful of Mickey’s ability to succeed Jerry, but eventually gives in. Trevor’s affairs, however, have a mysterious aspect to them, and the attorney soon finds himself hounded by unknown individuals.

Following that, the videogame entrepreneur confesses that he is being pursued by a Russian family with ties to the underworld. Mickey is overworked as he tries to handle Trevor’s obviously hopeless case while simultaneously pursuing a number of smaller cases.

He works on the go, in his distinctive Lincoln, which is driven by former customer Izzy Letts. As Trevor’s trial begins, one of the jurors is shown to have been bribed. Mickey, always on the side of justice, notifies the court, and the trial proceeds.

Mickey is eventually able to prove Trevor’s innocence through some brilliant investigative and legal reasoning. However, the lawyer’s worries regarding the mystery Russian family and Jerry’s killer linger. Mickey understands right after Trevor’s acquittal that his client could have killed his wife and that he may have helped a guilty man walk free. Trevor is shot by a woman during a Parallax press conference announcing the takeover of his company shortly after. She soon surrenders to the authorities.

Who Killed Jerry Vincent

The Lincoln Lawyer Ending: What happened to Haller?

Mickey was assaulted after receiving word that his driver, Izzy, had been arrested for DUI. McSweeney, the juror who was positioned there by Jerry and Trevor throughout the trial, was soon found to have attacked him. They get into a brawl and exchange many strikes. Officer Griggs and a few other policemen, on the other hand, arrive on the scene and take command of the situation.

To get away from him, Haller kicks McSweeney, who falls down the cliff. Griggs inquires of Haller about Jerry’s death. To which he said that he could be the murderer, but he wasn’t sure.

Trevor Elliott

What Happened to Trevor Elliott at the End of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’?

Following the attack, Haller confronts Trevor and tells him to be a man and acknowledges that he is the one who sent the assailant. Mickey is paranoid, according to Trevor, and he should talk to someone because he needs to accomplish something really essential. Trevor walks out the door and declares that he is ready to take Parallex Games to the next level.

Trevor is shot many times in the chest by one of Jan Rilz’s lovers as soon as he says it, and he falls to the floor. Trevor is discovered to be deceased. Haller is still perplexed as to who attempted to assault him and becomes quite paranoid.

 Did Haller learn from his faults

The Lincoln Lawyer Ending Explained: Did Haller learn from his faults?

Haller is also working on another case while working on the Trevor Elliott case. A man named Jesus Menendez was wrongfully convicted in a case that occurred a few years ago. As a result, he wishes to put things right. He learns about a woman named Glory Days, or Gloria, with the help of Lorna and Cisco. He was a crucial witness in the case, but she abruptly fled the day before her testimony.

Lorna talks to Gloria about how she can get an innocent man out of jail when she returns to LA. Gloria informs Mickey that a vice cop named Linda Perez came to her hotel room and told her that she (Glory) needed to leave the city after much thought.

She is not required to testify, and if she does, Perez will bring bogus charges against her and imprison her. As a result, a trial is held without a jury and with the same judge. Glory tells the court everything, and the judge listens to her even though the prosecution believes she is a prostitute who must have struck a deal with Haller.

Linda Perez then enters the courtroom, and Haller inquires if she is staying in the same hotel as Glory. She said no, but Haller showed her CCTV footage, which indicated Perez was present. Someone in the back of the courtroom stands up and says that he wants his client Perez to remain silent.

The judge becomes enraged and summons the lawyers to his desk. He claims that he wants the verdict today, and that if he learns that a man was unfairly condemned a few years ago, he believes that justice must be served.

A few moments later, it appears that Haller has discovered the truth about who is behind this, and he approaches Maggie to advise her to reconsider the Angelo Soto case. Maggie claims she has been waiting years for this one and will not let it go.

When Mickey returns, he asks Linda whether she was told to do all of this by someone. She accuses Lee Lankford, a detective who collaborated with Maggie on the Soto case.

The Lincoln Lawyer Ending: Who was in-charge of Everything?

Haller sees Judge Mary Holder after going through a lot and accuses her of doing everything. He accused her of killing Jerry and knew the jury was stacked against her. Hearing this, Holder becomes enraged and declares that she has the authority to cancel his practise. Haller refuses to give up and provides her the proof that it happened because of Holder’s husband’s knowledge of Jerry and Trevor.

Haller claims she and her spouse need to locate a suitable lawyer because he is already booked. Officer Griggs takes the judge into custody.

Did things get worse between Haller and Maggie at the end of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’?

Maggie’s case appears to have been weakened by Lankford’s absence, and she had a disagreement with Mickey. They both accuse each other of neglecting their families in order to pursue their careers. Maggie claims to be ambitious, whereas Haller claims to always be second to her.

Despite this, Maggie exits Mickey’s office after stating that their relationship may never be the same. Maggie was scheduled to join them for lunch with their daughter Hayley, but she never arrived.

Is Trevor Elliott Dead

The Lincoln Lawyer Ending Explained: Who is the Unknown Person Watching Haller?

After being injured in an accident, Haller eventually gained fresh strength to go surfing again. Meanwhile, Maggie found a method to put Angelo behind bars, even after Maggie abandoned the initial case.

The last episode concluded with a guy with blonde hair watching Haller surf, and it was the same person who threatened Gloria with murder because he had the same tattoo as her. So, who is this mystery man? Is Trevor still alive? Because it certainly appeared to be Trevor from behind.

The conclusion leads us to believe that there will be a Season 2, which will focus on Haller and Maggie’s romance.

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