Update on the Candi App Shark Tank: Where is MeetCandi These Day?

Candi App Shark Tank Update Where is MeetCandi Now

In the season 13 episode 12 of ABCShark Tank,’ entrepreneurs Keithan and Quiante Hendrick presented their app, Candi, in the hopes of attracting a Shark.

Candi is a one-of-a-kind social media app that uses zoom calls to link regular people with their favourite superstars. This intriguing notion piqued our interest, so we decided to record the company’s progress!

What Do Candi App Do and Who Are They?

Keithan and Quiante performed an amazing job setting up Candi, especially considering they had no prior expertise or business ties.

They didn’t let setbacks dissuade them, though, because they were determined to build a name for themselves in the social media market.

Keithan and Quiante explained how they came up with the concept for Candi while using another famous software called Cameo.

Cameo is a social networking app that allows celebrities to create personalised pre-recorded videos for followers in exchange for a fee. eithan and Quiante wondered if there was a demand for live video chatting instead of pre-recorded clips after seeing Cameo’s popularity.

As a result, they went back to the drawing board and came up with Candi with the hopes of altering the social networking scene.

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Candi, or MeetCandi as it is more commonly known, is extremely simple to use because users only need to log in after creating an account.

After logging in, visitors can choose from a list of several registered celebrities. Then, after paying a fee, the service connects customers to the celebrity of their choice for a total of five minutes.

Candi, on the other hand, has made it quite simple for celebrities to sign up since each celebrity gets contacted by an official who assists them in being set up after filling out a basic form on the site.

Keithan and Quiante are also adamant about there being no hidden fees. Furthermore, they take pride in offering a service that allows fans and celebrities to make face-to-face calls without using pre-recorded footage.

Where Are Candi's Keithan and Quiante Now

Where Are Candi’s Keithan and Quiante Now?

Candi’s launch in December 2019 drew such a wonderful response that Keithan and Quiante were blown away.

Their tireless advocacy paid off when award-winning singer-songwriter and actor Ma became the site’s first celebrity to sign up. Candi quickly became an “in” thing, with more and more celebrities joining up for the experience as the service expanded in popularity.

During the Covid-19 shutdown, thousands of individuals found it relaxing to communicate with their favourite celebrities, giving Candi a much-needed lift.

Hundreds of celebrities and influencers are currently listed on Candi, and they are nicely organised by the fields in which they are known.

The cost of each session varies depending on the celebrity’s fame status, with fees ranging from $1 to more than $500.

Furthermore, with Keithan and Quiante now extensively marketing on social media, the service will undoubtedly grow in popularity, and we wish them and their crew all the best!