Virginia Larzelere Today: Where is Norman Larzelere’s Killer Now?

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Virginia Larzelere married a successful dentist and worked in his practice. All this was going completely well till 1991. After one tragic event, she was apprehended. ‘Deadly Affairs: Betrayed By Love: Taking A Swing at Murder’ on Investigation Discovery focuses on two cases, one of which is Virginia’s. Authorities eventually discovered that she plotted to murder her dentist husband named Norman Benton Larzelere. So, if you’re curious as to what happened, why did she plot to kill her husband? who supported her and where is she now. Here we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about it.

Virginia Larzelere, who is she?

Virginia grew up in Lake Wales, Florida, as the youngest of four girls. Virginia’s father was an alcoholic who raped all of his daughters, with Virginia suffering the most. At the age of 17, she ran away and married. Over the next few years, she married multiple times. In 1985, Virginia went to a nearby dentist’s office on Knapp Street on a weekday afternoon. There, she met Norman Larzelere, a dark-haired dentist. After meeting a dentist Norman Larzelere, they married on June 14, of the same year. However, after a few years of marriage, the couple began to have problems. Then catastrophe struck on March 8, 1991. That day Virginia Larzelere the office manager, with her husband Norman at the office.

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A patient and a dental assistant were also present in the office. The assailant arrived shortly after lunch. Norman Benton Larzelere, a pleasant dentist, laid down some files and headed back to check the noise through a narrow hallway at the front of the clinic. When the dentist saw the gunman, he arrived in the waiting room seconds later, swung open the door, and slammed it shut behind him. However, the masked assailant was close behind. He drew his shotgun and fired a single shot. Buckshot exploded through the door and struck the doctor in the chest. the gunman broke through a side exit and disappeared along the streets of Edgewater. Virginia Larzelere, the dentist’s wife appeared at his side inside the office. she dialed 911 but it was too late; her husband had died.

Why did Virginia Larzelere kill her husband?

As the investigators delved deeper, they discovered a number of clues that pointed to Virginia. One of Norman’s patients told the police that she heard him say, “Is that you, Jason?” Virginia’s son from a previous marriage, Jason, was 18 at the time. Virginia also asked two men who had an extramarital affair with her if they would assist kill her husband Norman, according to two guys who had an extramarital affair with her. There were two other witnesses whose testimony was crucial to the case. Kristen Palmieri and Steven Heidle were their names. Virginia allegedly requested that Jason take up Norman’s will and life insurance policies from the storage unit the night before the murder.  Prosecutors accused her of instructing her then 18-year-old son, Jason, to kill her husband so they could collect about $2.1 million in insurance money.

virginia larzelere son Janson  Virginia had purchased seven life insurance policies in the years preceding the tragedy, more than doubling them in the months leading up to the occurrence. The total cost was estimated to be roughly $2 million. While Norman was aware of the regulations, authorities felt Virginia was the driving force behind them. Virginia also requested Kristen and Steven to clean a firearm with muriatic acid, encase it in concrete, and dispose of it in a nearby creek, according to their testimony. There was also a .45 handgun that was treated the same way. Although the shotgun was discovered, it could not be positively identified as the murder weapon.

Where is Virginia Larzelere Now?

Virginia also gave contradictory accounts about what happened at the crime scene, according to the prosecution. The defense said that their client was upset, which caused her to make such claims. Despite this, she was found guilty of 1st-degree murder in August 1992. Jason was also charged with first-degree murder. In a later trial, his son, on the other hand, was acquitted. Virginia was sentenced to death, but her sentence was commuted to life in prison in 2008.

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This was partly due to insufficient legal representation; her lawyer Jack Wilkins was eventually imprisoned. He was allegedly abusing drugs and alcohol at the time, as well as hiding money from the authorities. Virginia is still detained at Homestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County, Florida, at the age of 69. She tested positive for the coronavirus in May 2020 and was classified as a high-risk patient due to her asthma and lung issues.