We Own This City Episode 2 ‘Part Two’ Recap and Ending Explained

We Own This City Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

We Own This City Episode 2 ‘Part Two’ Recap – On HBO’s limited series We Own This City, neither an angel nor a devil is portrayed resting on Sgt. Wayne Jenkins’ shoulder. In Monday’s Episode 2, though, Jenkins’ decisions to choose bad above good were apparent.

The series ‘We Own This City‘ explores the narrative of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force’s corruption. Wayne Jenkins reflects on his time with the BPD while in police custody in the second episode, titled ‘Part Two.’ With the help of Harford County Detective David McDougall, FBI Agent Erika Jensen begins her investigation into the BPD.

Jensen discovers the terrible depths of BPD corruption when she investigates the cops and interrogates officer Jemell Rayam. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘We Own This City’ episode 2 if you want to catch up on the show’s events and conclusion!

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We Own This City Episode 2 Recap

We Own This City Episode 2 ‘Part Two’ Recap

Wayne Jenkins is placed in an FBI custody camp in the second episode, titled ‘Part Two.‘ He recalls his early experiences with the BPD. Jenkins picked up the idea of doing things his own way early in his career, disregarding norms and procedures, according to a flashback sequence. He also learns more about Baltimore’s high crime rates and sees the necessity for tough enforcement on the streets. Jenkins now threatens Jemell Rayam, a GTTF colleague, to keep his mouth shut.

FBI Agent Erika Jensen began questioning Rayam in the interrogation room. In a flashback to 2015, Kevin Davis is named Commissioner after the death of Freddie Gray and confronts the GTTF and other plainclothes officers. Davis assures his officers that he will support them in the field if they utilise hard tactics, but he also urges them to be cautious.

Jenkins’ rebellious attitude during the meeting, on the other hand, irritates Davis. Detective David McDougall and Jensen question Aaron Anderson in another room. Antonio Shropshire and his relationship to a man named G Money are revealed by him.

Meanwhile, Harford County cops start listening in on officer Momodu Gondo. McDougall and Jensen soon discover that Gondo’s street name is “G Money.” As a result, he suspects the BPD of being involved in the narcotics trade in Shropshire.

In the present, Jensen continues his conversation with Rayam, who discloses further details of the GTTF’s heist at Anderson’s home, during which they seized cash and drugs. Nicole Steele investigates GTTF’s Daniel Hersl and speaks with one of the victims of Hersel’s heinous crimes in 2015. Sean M. Suiter begins a homicide inquiry at the same time.

We Own This City Episode 2 Recap Explained

Who Are the Other Corrupt Cops in We Own This City Episode 2?

Erika Jensen interrogates Jemell Rayam as the programme develops. While the first episode featured Momodu “G Money” Gondo and Wayne Jenkins as two of the corrupt cops in the BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force, the second episode exposes even more cops. Rayam speaks out against Gondo and Jenkins, as well as Sergeant Thomas Allers, who he claims is one of the city’s most corrupt cops. Allers is not only aware of Jenkins and Gondo’s criminal acts, but is actively complicit in them, according to the disgraced officer.

Furthermore, Rayam implies that the police are protected by higher authorities because of their brutal yet efficient street policing practises. Nicole Steele notices the same thing when she sees how few complaints against GTTF cops are actually upheld. Furthermore, there is little to no action done against these officers. Rayam discusses with Jensen how the officers took money from the residents and were given a pass with little consequence.

Rayam confesses to stealing money in 2009, for which he was suspended with pay. He was added to the GTTF when he was returned to the force. Rayam claims that the entire team was involved in illicit acts like robbery and racketeering. Thus, it is obvious from Rayam’s evidence that the GTTF officers abused their position for personal benefit and displayed a flagrant disdain for police protocol and people’ rights.

Steele interacts with Daniel Hersl in the final seconds of the episode to try to grasp the situation of policing in the city. Steele inquires about Hersl’s thoughts on the cops’ aggressive tactics on the streets. She interrogates Hersl on the large number of allegations of abuse levelled against him.

Hersl, on the other hand, claims that none of the complaints were upheld because the complainants were criminals apprehended by him. In the end, the DOJ inquiry into the GTTF appears to be fruitless because it only looks at the gravity of the officers’ acts. Their unscrupulous acts, on the other hand, remain hidden. Steele’s investigation is pitted against Jensen’s, and additional information regarding the BPD’s corruption is exposed.

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