What Happened to Anna Sorokin, a.k.a. Anna Delvey? Is She Still Imprisoned?

What Happened to Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey- Is She Still Imprisoned

The dramatic journey of a New York City socialite who builds an enviable network of affluent friends, advisors, and clients is told in Netflix’sInventing Anna.’

Anna’s expertly constructed web begins to crumble as it becomes clear that she is a fraud.

The miniseries chronicles the titular character’s outlandish behaviour in great detail, as well as how it affects people closest to her.

Her descent is just as dramatic as her ascension, providing for some intriguing storytelling. You’ve come to the right site if you’re curious about how true ‘Inventing Anna‘ is to reality and what happened to the titular Anna Sorokin.

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In Real Life, What Happened to Anna Sorokin

In Real Life, What Happened to Anna Sorokin?

Much of what is depicted in the series is based on Jessica Pressler’s 2018 New York Magazine article, ‘How Anna Delvey Fooled New York’s Party People.’

The article uses numerous real-life sources who were close to Anna for a period of time (including Anna’s friend Neffatari Davis, who is quoted in the article and was also consulted on the Netflix miniseries).

Thus, the events on-screen rather correctly describe Anna Sorokin’s activities from 2013 until her arrest in 2017 — including her claims of being a German heiress with a €60 million trust fund.

Anna Sorokin was born in Russia in 1991 and migrated to Germany at the age of 16 with her parents and younger brother.

She attended school in Eschweiler, a small town near Cologne, then relocated to London after graduating from high school in 2011.

She dropped out of college and moved to Paris to work as an intern for Purple magazine after supposedly interning in Berlin for a time.

Around this time, she appears to have taken the surname “Delvey,” and by 2013, she was a well-known face at a number of high-profile parties, giving her access to New York high society.

Anna was offered a plea agreement after her arrest on larceny charges in 2017, but she chose to go to trial instead. She was convicted by a jury in April 2019 after spending two years on Rikers Island and was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison.

She was released from Albion Correctional Facility in February 2021 for good behaviour. Surprisingly, the majority of Anna’s money from Netflix for ‘Inventing Anna‘ (supposedly $320,000) was used to pay various fines and restitutions.

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Where Is Anna Sorokin These Days

Where Is Anna Sorokin These Days?

Anna, unfortunately, was only out for six weeks before being apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on March 25, 2021, for overstaying her visa.

Anna has remained in ICE custody at the Orange County Correctional Facility in upstate New York since a judge ordered that she be kept while she awaits sentencing. She is currently on the verge of being deported to Germany.

Anna said in an essay written from the ICE facility in February 2022 that she was held to an unreasonable standard and that she was not the “threat to society” that she was being made out to be.

According to her, the visa overstay was “unintentional and mainly out of my control.” Anna, who has been in and out of detention since 2017, described her experience as “being locked in a loop” as she passed through seven facilities for “one single case.”

Anna claimed to be working on a project called Anna Delvey TV during the brief period she was out of custody in February 2021, through which she supposedly hoped to recover her story’s narrative.