What Happened to Kyle Hall And Where Is Now?

kyle hall and Bubba Wallace

Race: Bubba Wallace‘ is the newest Netflix documentary series. The show tells the remarkable storey of NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace, who recently became the first black driver to win a Cup Series race since 1963.

Apart from Bubba’s activities on and off the track, the six-part series delves into his relationships with the people in his life.

Kyle Hall, his manager and close buddy, is one of them. So, how about we learn a little more about him?

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kyle hall

Kyle Hall, Who is he?

Kyle and Bubba have been friends since they were kids. Kyle, like Bubba, dabbled in racing as a youth but quickly discovered his true calling was elsewhere.

After a brief time as a driving instructor for Richard Petty Driving Experience, he moved into the advertising and marketing sector.

Kyle subsequently took over Bubba’s career management, and on the podcast, he discussed finding the right mix between being friends and talking business.

Despite Bubba’s good results in the feeder series, there was a distinct lack of financial support from the outset. Sponsors were hesitant to fund Bubba because he was black, according to reports.

“We don’t know if it’s because he’s an African American driver and the only one in the sport, or if it’s more so because his results haven’t necessarily helped him stand out from the crowd,” Kyle added later.

Bubba Wallace

This is something we’ve discussed. It’s only that we can’t figure out which one it is.”

Bubba’s moment arrived when he was called up for a brief stint with Richard Petty Motorsports before becoming a full-time driver for them in 2018.

In terms of how he chose to utilise his platform to speak out against racial injustice, Bubba’s 2020 season proved to be pivotal.

He advocated for a ban on Confederate flags at races in June of that year, wearing an “I can’t breathe” t-shirt, and later raced in #BlackLivesMatter livery. Kyle expressed his delight, saying, “Do I think I expected this from him?”

No. I knew he felt a particular way, but I never expected him to be that outspoken.”

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What happened to Kyle Hall?

Kyle discussed how Bubba was one of the most under-appreciated athletes in sports history on the podcast. When the results didn’t arrive in 2020, the pressure mounted on Bubba, but he has performed admirably since then.

With his new team, 23XI Racing, he won the Daytona 500 in Florida in October 2021. Kyle has been his manager for the past few years.

He is also employed by Prosport Management and serves as Vice-Chairman of Bubba’s Live to Be Different Foundation.

Kyle married Caitlin Bozick, his longtime lover, in November 2021, and they currently appear to live in Davidson, North Carolina. Kyle enjoys fishing and riding motorcycles in his spare time.