What Happened to Margaret Johnson from ‘My 600-lb Life?’ And Where is She These Days?

What happened to Margaret Johnson from 'My 600-lb Life

Where is Margaret from ‘My 600-lb Life’ now? Let’s find her – TLC’sMy 600-lb Life‘ has been profiling some of the most amazing transforming journeys by capturing the hardships of people with clinical obesity as they seek to turn over a new leaf since its launch in 2012.

Because of all the physical and mental components involved, the entire procedure is obviously complicated. However, with the guidance of Dr. Nowzaradan, some people, such as Margaret Johnson, have been able to meet the challenge.

So, if you’re curious about how this season 10 contestant is doing today, we’ve got the scoop!

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In ‘My 600-lb Life’ Journey of Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson, a Baytown, Texas resident, first encountered us at Houston’s St. Joseph Medical Center after collapsing while walking.

After all, her 752-pound (341 Kg) body made her susceptible to dangerous outcomes even in seemingly typical situations, despite her height of barely 5’4.”

The fact that she’d been practically immobilised for almost six months, impacting her hygiene and resulting in a leg infection, was also a factor.

According to the 35-year-old, merely existing harmed her, and she knew she’d die if she didn’t change her habits soon.

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Margaret’s unhealthy relationship with food began when she was a small child as a result of her violent environment, which means she has never known anything different.

Her father, she said, weighed 1000 pounds and was exceedingly domineering, so she and her two older sisters were frequently left hungry for both food and attention.

Margaret retaliated by sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night and eating his meals, eventually gaining 120 pounds at the age of six.

Margaret was diagnosed with early signs of diabetes and an eating issue after that, but her father insisted on keeping the focus on him.

Margaret found solace in food for a variety of reasons, including the loss of an aunt she adored, being bullied and friendless in school, and being unable to find work.

Unfortunately, this eventually leads to addiction. She even believed her father’s nasty statements at one time, believing that her mother had abandoned her (not him). This explains why she used such harmful coping mechanisms as a coping method and why she now appears to have acquired co-dependency.

Margaret worked through some of this with Dr. Matthew Paradise, a therapist, at Dr. Now’s request. The goal was to help her lose weight and improve her health for good.

Where is ‘My 600-lb Life’ Cast Margaret Johnson Now?

Margaret Johnson struggled to acclimate to Dr. Now’s regimen at first, but she never gave up despite wishing to do so multiple times a month.

Thanks to her mother’s help, the overall changes in her eating habits did not appear to be a long-term problem. She did, however, oppose physiotherapy and counselling until she felt she had no other choice.

Margaret eventually shed roughly 160 pounds to be approved for the weight loss assist surgery, and her final weigh-in on the day of the procedure was 516 pounds.

In other words, despite a leg infection, pain, and gallstones, she was able to lose 236 pounds before undergoing successful gastric sleeve surgery.

We can’t be certain, but Margaret looks to have stayed on course to live a healthy and happy life since then.

Her family, particularly her mother, means the world to her, and it doesn’t appear like she wants to disappoint them (or herself) by reverting to old habits that could harm her.

According to our information, the Arkansas native continues to live in Baytown, Texas, with her mother and dogs.

She appears to be continuing her weight-loss journey while also attempting to become more self-sufficient.

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