What happened to ‘Ontreon Shannon’ from “My 600-lb Life” And Where is He Now?

Where is Ontreon Shannon From My 600-lb Life Now

My 600-lb Life‘ is a documentary about extremely obese people who want to change their life for the better.

They resort to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan or Dr. Now to take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. He creates a personalised treatment plan for them and prepares them for weight-loss surgery.

Despite the fact that overcoming decades of bad habits and disorders is difficult, most people on the show seize the bull by the horns and amaze others with their remarkable transformation.

Ontreon Shannon’s tale is chronicled in Season 10 Episode 11 and highlights his battle with weight.

Let’s delve a little deeper and see where he is right now.

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Where is Ontreon Shannon From My 600-lb Life These Days

Ontreon Shannon: Journey in ‘My 600-lb Life’

Ontreon Shannon grew up in a single-parent home and said that, while he knew his father, he didn’t appear very interested in being involved in his son’s life.

As a result, Ontreon was left to his own devices or asked to spend time with his grandparents because his mother was out much of the time working.

As a result of having nothing to do and having delicious food easily available, Ontreon began to associate food with comfort, which led to his eating issue.

Ontreon became increasingly reliant on food for comfort over time. As a result, when he first came on the show, he weighed just over 700 pounds.

He stated that his enormous weight prevented him from standing for more than 5 minutes, making daily duties such as showering and dressing himself difficult.

Furthermore, Ontreon’s weight had an impact on his personal life, threatening to sour his connection with his wife, Musa Dube, and his kid.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan

Ontreon went to Dr. Now’s office before learning that he weighed 702 pounds, determined to change his life and be healthy.

Despite his worries, Dr. Now was eager to assist and even devised a personalised plan for Ontreon to reduce the weight required for a successful surgery.

Ontreon, on the other hand, found it extremely difficult to stick to the rigid programme and frequently resorted to his need for nice but unhealthy food.

Even the daily exercises appeared to be too much for him to handle. As a result, Dr. Now was dismayed to discover Ontreon’s second and third appointments yielded little to no development.

Ontreon Shannon Journey in My 600-lb Life

What Has Happened to Ontreon Shannon?

Ontreon Shannon isn’t one to give up easily, so when he realised that his problems stemmed from childhood traumas, he sought help from a doctor.

Despite the fact that the psychologist was able to assist him with his emotional baggage, Ontreon was unable to follow up with Dr. Now’s customised plan and gained 2 pounds over his original weight during his fourth clinic visit.

The episode finished on a dismal note, with Ontreon preparing to face the battle all over again due to his heavy weight leaving him unsuitable for surgery.

Ontreon, on the other hand, looks to have finally turned his life around, as he appears to be getting healthier by the day.

Where Is Ontreon Shannon Now

Aside from that, his marriage to Musa is still going well, and she has been his most steadfast supporter throughout the difficult times.

It’s unclear if he’s still being treated by Dr. Now now that the couple has moved to McKinney, Texas.

Nonetheless, it’s heartwarming to see Ontreon building happy memories with his family and looking forward to a brighter future, which we wish him well.

Season 10, Episode 11 of My 600-Lb. Life, which featured Ontreon Shannon’s journey, aired exclusively on TLC.

Viewers who have a Discovery+ account can watch the episode ahead of time in the Discovery+ streaming library. Discovery+ also has previous episodes from Season 10 available.