What Happens in Secrets of Summer? Where is Netflix’s Teen Drama Filmed?

What Happens in Secrets of Summer

What Happens in Secrets of Summer? Where is Netflix’s Secrets of Summer Filmed? – Mauro Scandolari, Jorge Edelstein, Non-Stop, and Netflix are the producers of the Argentinian musical streaming television series Secrets of Summer (also known as Cielo grande). Along with Abril Di Yorio, Vctor Varona, Guido Messina, Francisco Bass, Giulia Guerrini, Thas Rippel, Luan Brum, Fernando Monzo, Juan Monzo, Agustin Pardella, Mariel Percossi, Byron Barbieri, Martn Tecchi, and Débora Nishimoto, Pilar Pascual starred in the show.

On February 16, 2022, eleven episodes were made available for the first season. The program’s second season was ordered and will premiere on December 30, 2022. If you want to know about what happens in “Secrets of Summer” and its filming location, keep reading below.

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Where is Netflix’s Secrets of Summer Filmed

What is Secrets of Summer about on Netflix?

A gang of adolescents tries to save a historic hotel that has been forgotten amid the Argentine Delta in a series that blends action, intrigue, romance, and delightful musical moments. Amidst a thrilling wakeboarding competition, Cielo Grande brings together childhood memories, family secrets, and unforgettable moments.

The trophy, also known as the lovely island of Cielo Grande, is where she will find the solutions she seeks. Still, it’s also where she will meet her new friends, who will forever alter the course of her life thanks to their musical prowess, thirst for exploration, and determination to breathe new life into an abandoned hotel.

Steffi may have been looking for information about her father’s background, but she actually discovered something much more significant.

Official Synopsis

“Secrets of Summer blends action, mystery, romance and winsome musical interludes in this story of a group of teens working to save an old hotel deep in the Argentine Delta. The show weaves together childhood memories, family secrets and unforgettable moments—all set amid a thrilling wakeboard competition.”

Secrets of Summer Filming Locations

The series “Secrets of Summer” was filmed in the province of Buenos Aires, mainly in the city of Tigre. Let’s explore each distinctive location in the Netflix family series!

UK, Northern Ireland (The production was filmed in Northern Ireland to represent the fact that the real-life events on which it was based occurred there.)

Although The Roosevelt New Orleans served as the inspiration for the show, the most of the action was filmed at the Royal Sonesta in the French Quarter.

You can stream “Secrets of Summer,” a Spanish teen drama TV series on Netflix.

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