Fear the Walking Dead: What is Amina? What is in the Tape?

What is Amina in FTWD

What is Amina in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 7? What is in the Tape? – Alicia runs into the masked girl again in the 15th episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic thriller Fear the Walking Dead‘ season 7. The girl asks Alicia for assistance in finding her friend, who can lead her and her followers to PADRE. Alicia and the girl return to the Tower, only for the former to pass out in the middle of the journey.

Alicia wakes up at the MRAP, looking for medicine for her fever, and discovers “Amina,” a video. She hurriedly tucks the tape into her suitcase. Since the episode is also titled ‘Amina,’ you’re probably wondering what it’s about. Let’s see what we can find out!

What is Amina

What Exactly is Amina?

Wilhemina is a bird with the nickname Amina. Before the apocalypse, Alicia and her brother Nick met Amina while spending time with their mother, Madison in the highlands. The bird was injured when it smashed through one of the windows of the house where they were staying.

Alicia and Nick gave the bird, Wilhemina, also known as Amina, a name and began to care for it. Alicia and Nick continued to care for Amina even as her condition deteriorated. Night after night, they looked after the bird without sleeping. Amina eventually recovered her health and began to fly.

Amina represents Alicia’s strength and optimism. Rather than abandoning the bird when its condition deteriorated, Alicia and Nick ensured that it was given a second chance at life. The title of the tape reminds Alicia of her own tenacity and optimism, while also offering Amina a second chance to improve and fly.

Alicia grants Strand a second shot at life in the episode by rescuing him from the burning building, just as she did with the injured bird. She forgives Strand for all of his heinous decisions and actions, and she promises to “nurse” him with her love.

Strand joins Alicia’s followers in their hunt for PADRE or a radiation-free location like PADRE, reminding her of Amina. She began to fly as a result of her and Nick’s efforts. Amina also teaches her that even if she is on the verge of death, she must not give up.

Rather than departing with her followers, Alicia returns to the Tower in the hopes of finding a safe haven for any survivors who may arrive after hearing her message. Alicia, rather than abandoning the survivors, continues to assist them despite the difficult circumstances.

What is in the Tape

What Exactly is on the Tape?

Althea interviews Madison about her children, Alicia and Nick, in the fourth season. Madison discusses how she has always strived to find a safe place for her children. She also discusses how she wants to keep the hope that her children demonstrated while nursing Amina without abandoning the bird.

Madison believes that establishing a safe haven will allow her to maintain the strength that Alicia and Nick have shown during the ordeal. The tape is subsequently given the name “Amina” by Althea. When Alicia, like her mother, is looking for a safe haven, she comes across the same tape that Althea created.

The tape inspires Alicia to keep going in her search for PADRE. She rescues Strand from the Tower and orders him to join her and her companions on their quest for a radiation-free zone. Alicia exhibits hope and resilience despite having a terrible fever and coming dangerously close to death, as Madison stated in her interview with Althea.

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