Where Is Aaron Washer From My 600-lb Life Today?

My 600-Lb Life Aaron Washer

Where Is Aaron Washer From My 600-lb Life Now? – What was initially intended to be a five-part miniseries featuring four extremely obese people has grown into an eight-season TLC smash. The documentary series “My 600-lb Life” is renowned for showcasing the tragic tales of individuals and their inspirational fight against food addiction to live long and healthy lives. In Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s program (Dr. Now), a person’s routine, nutrition, and progress toward receiving weight-loss assistance surgery are chronicled over the course of a year.

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Where Is Aaron Washer From My 600-lb Life TodayAaron Washer My 600-lb Life

The subject of My 600-lb Life” season 7, episode 12, was Aaron Washer. The episode’s synopsis reads, “Aaron has lived at home to care for his ailing father ever since his mother passed away. Aaron must, however, greatly rely on his father because of his food addiction. Aaron must now develop self-care skills to prevent starving to death.

Aaron’s food addiction had caused him to reach a high weight of over 700 lbs, making him nearly immobile. His only exercise consisted of walks to the kitchen and the restroom because he could not walk without a cane. Aaron acknowledged on his episode that he was “in so much pain” that his life was “pure torture.”

He said, “I do feel horrible that I have to have my 76-year-old father do it all for me,” when speaking of his father, Eugene. I fear that eventually, it will be too much for my father, but I still ask him to go grocery shopping because it’s the only way I can acquire the groceries I need.

Aaron saw Dr. Now and asked for medical assistance to start his weight-loss journey because he was sick of feeling like a burden and was desperate for change.

Where is Aaron Washer Now

Where is Aaron Washer Now?

Aaron could follow the diet and exercise regimens recommended to him because of his father’s unwavering support. As a result, he was able to shed a significant amount of weight on his own and obtain approval for weight loss surgery. His overall weight loss of 315 pounds was one of the biggest of season 7 and was made possible by his determination and successful surgery. Aaron’s weight decreased from 718 to 403 in a year.

Right now, I’m feeling quite encouraged and self-assured about how well I’m doing. Near the end of his episode, Aaron mentioned. “Being practically there is exciting because I was a child the last time I was there. I’m eager to continue improving and look forward to all the new activities I can accomplish once I reach my goal weight.

Aaron had a challenging year in 2019, but despite all that went wrong, there were some bright spots. The most significant was that Aaron, a former patient of Dr. Now, began a full-time job as a caregiver and medical technician at an assisted living home. He also started a new relationship. Aaron kept his personal Facebook profile active while deleting his business page. He occasionally updates his personal profile with news about his life. Aaron shared a photo of his marriage licence on social media in October 2020.

Despite all the obstacles that were placed in his path, Aaron appears more determined than ever to continue leading a healthier life. Although he doesn’t always post updates on his regimen and weight reduction quest, it’s clear from his Facebook posts that the reality TV star is leading a better and more happy life. Fans of My 600-Lb Life and well-wishers can only pray for him that his life will continue to go well.

We hope he stays content and well and appears on a “Where Are They Now?” episode soon.

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