Mind Over Murder: Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Kathy Gonzalez Now?

Where is Beatrice Six’s Kathy Gonzalez Now

Where is Beatrice Six’s Kathy Gonzalez Now? – Mind Over Murder,’ an HBO documentary, examines the investigation of Helen Wilson’s 1985 murder. The devoted grandmother was found assaulted and suffocated in her Beatrice, Nebraska, apartment in 1989, but no charges were filed. Kathleen Gonzalez was one of six people sentenced to prison in that year, afterward known as the Beatrice Six, allegedly based on fabricated memories and pressured confessions.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about what happened to Kathy Gonzalez since then, here’s what we know so far.

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Who is Kathy Gonzalez

Who is Kathy Gonzalez ,and What is Her Story?

At the time of Helen’s murder, Kathy Gonzalez shared a building with her. Debra Shelden and James Dean claimed to have seen her at the crime site in their nightmares, which drew the attention of the police. Kathy, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about doing laundry and watching a movie on the night of Helen’s murder. Kathy, like some of the other suspects, had a difficult childhood and was abused by her uncle.

Kathy was adamant about not being in Helen’s apartment during the murder during her session with Wayne Price, a sheriff’s officer, and a psychotherapist. However, Wayne claimed that Kathy could be blocking out these memories and that if she relaxed, they would return to her as dreams. “I’ve committed my share of little transgressions,” Kathy said, “but we’re talking about murdering an elderly person.” Why would I want to block this out? It had to be fairly horrible, right?”

Kathy’s blood type also matched that of the blood collected at the crime scene. However, one genetic marker made a difference. Despite this, Burdette Searcey, the investigator who reopened the case after it went cold, allegedly told her that her blood matched that found at Helen’s apartment. Kathy was later told she was lying after undergoing a polygraph examination in June 1989.

Beatrice Six’s Kathy Gonzalez today

What Happened to Kathy Gonzalez and Where Is She Now?

Kathy eventually claimed she had no recollection of the murder. Still, she pled no contest to second-degree murder aiding and abetting because she faced the death penalty if convicted at trial. Kathy also testified at Joseph White’s trial, claiming that he mentioned conducting a burglary.

Kathy, like James and Debra, was given a ten-year term, but only served around half of it. She eventually recanted her evidence, and she and the others were exonerated in 2009.

They managed to recruit a group of folks that really didn’t have important lives,” Kathy recalled a few years ago. We didn’t have a lot of education. For the most part, we weren’t living our lives in a Christian manner. They’ve just gotten rid of us. We were all broken in some way, shape, or form; none of us were innocent.” She finally lived in York, Nebraska, but regretted not fleeing the state immediately after her release because some residents still felt the six were guilty.

Kathy worked as a cashier at a York grocery store as of 2019. She received $350,000 in damages for the erroneous conviction, as well as $2 million in damages from the civil suit. Kathy expressed her hopes for the money in a 2019 interview, saying that it would help her buy a car, replace her teeth, and install an air conditioner in her home.

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