Where is Boys Scouts Abuse Survivor “Kerry Lewis” Now?

What Happened to Kerry Lewis

Where is Boys Scouts Abuse Survivor “Kerry Lewis” Today? – On June 16, 2022, Hulu will air “Leave No Trace: A Hidden History of the Boy Scouts“. The film will follow the shocking and disturbing case of many s*xual claims levelled against one of America’s most venerable groups, the Boy Scouts of America. In a similar spirit, it will focus on the long-running case and the institution’s following cover-up attempts for years before the whole affair was brought to light.

The preview for Leave No Trace: A Hidden History of the Boy Scouts featured some chilling accounts from abuse survivors. The number of survivors has risen to 82,000 men. Irene Taylor, an Emmy Award winner and Oscar nominee, directed the film, which featured Ron Howard, Sara Bernstein, and Justin Wilkes among the cast members.

Kerry Lewis, What Happened to Him

Kerry Lewis: What Happened to Him?

When Kerry Lewis initially joined the Boy Scouts of America, he was a typical eager bundle of joy with a real passion for the outdoors, but it quickly turned into a land of nightmares for him. That’s because Timur Dykes, an assistant scoutmaster, took advantage of him for a long time in the early 1980s, starting when he was just about eight years old.

Kerry was then left to deal with the agony of his sexual assaults on his alone, but he eventually managed to pick himself up and go to court to guarantee that the world was aware of the scouts’ atrocities. Kerry said that the organization failed him by allowing Timur to participate in troop activities while confessing to sexually abusing as many as 17 scouts.

The claim was that the scoutmaster had alerted an LDS Church bishop that he had been sexually abusing youngsters, including Lewis, but that no action had been taken to ensure their safety. As if that wasn’t enough, during a pre-trial deposition, Timur admitted to attacking Kerry, which influenced the verdict just as much as the BSA’s meticulously maintained “perversion files” did.

The latter had been called as such, according to Kerry’s counsel, because they were effectively hidden documents carrying “red flag” information about the institution’s officials as well as volunteers. Despite the scouts’ claim that their objective was only to pick out possible predators, they worked hard to make these documents public, resulting in a Kerry victory. As a result, in April 2010, the BSA was forced to pay Kerry $1.4 million in compensatory damages, plus $18.5 million in punitive penalties, after a 30-year wait for justice.

Where is Kerry Lewis Now

Where is Kerry Lewis Today?

It’s a little unreal right now; it’s a little overwhelming,” Kerry, then 38, said after the court process ended in her favour. It’s a beautiful day, and everything went according to plan.” “Big enterprises can’t just be above the law; they have to answer to society,” he continued, “particularly when it comes to youth organisations.” If you claim to be the greatest, you had better be the best and set the standard… You have to protect the youth when dealing with them, and I’m just glad the jury agreed with me.”

It’s worth noting that this is one of the first sexual assault cases in which the BSA was unable to reach a peaceful resolution. “It’s incredibly intimidating, but take that initial step and reach out,” Kerry advises other victims. Make a request for assistance. You can ask for aid from anyone, whether it’s a lawyer, a counsellor, a therapist, or anyone else. Even if it’s terrifying, don’t be scared. “I accomplished it, and you can too.”

From what I can tell, the survivor, from what we can mean, prefers to live his life away from the spotlight these days, but he is most likely still in Oregon. And maybe the most important component of his entire journey is that his progressive recovery has allowed him to develop a new, much more grateful outlook on life.

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