Where is Dog Breeder Alarico Sgroi Now?

Where is Alarico Sgroi Now

Where is Dog Breeder Alarico Sgroi Now? – Gunther’s Millions is a fascinating and absurd Netflix documentary series that chronicles the extraordinary wealth of a German Shepherd dog. It includes not just firsthand accounts from those involved but also historical papers that offer light on the dog’s genealogy, history, and assets. So, dog breeder Alarico Sgroi is the subject of this piece; if you’re curious about the current whereabouts of Alarico Sgroi and what he is doing these days, then continue reading below.

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Who is Alarico Sgroi

What Did Alarico Sgroi Say About Gunther?

From what we can learn, Alarico’s interest in dogs and the science of breeding and keeping them began at a young age, and he made the decision to devote his life to this profession at an early age. At the age of eighteen, he was already an expert in his field and had begun to specialise on Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis. This condition affects only a small proportion of puppy dogs (SAS). Even though he bred exclusively under the name “di Casa Sgroi” until the late 1980s, it should not come as a surprise that in 1969 he began actively participating in exhibitions and competitions.

Alarico expresses his passion to the breed in the Netflix original by stating, “[German Shepherd breeding] is my entire life.” My list of achievements is extensive and outstanding. I am a two-time breeder world champion, thus… Most people believe that we just breed dogs to sell puppies. This is, as expected, standard operating procedure. However, a devoted breeder has higher standards and seeks out fanciful characteristics. The former head of farms for the national SAS hinted he belonged to the latter group by preferring to bring out life with the goal of sharing happiness and kindness.

According to Alarico, the possibility of spending millions of dollars on one of his purebred dogs indicates that his work transcends the realm of art. He answered, “This cannot be valued because it is immeasurable. On the contrary, allow me to serve as an example. If you choose to purchase this dog, you can do so for the price of a house or two or three Ferraris. Gunther was employed by Forteriva, a Trust/firm Corporation, to continue his family’s legacy of canine luxury. This organization’s founding appears to have been inspired by a desire to advance dog breeding.

Where is Alarico Sgroi Now and Does He Still Breed Dogs

Where is Alarico Sgroi Now? Does He Still Breed Dogs?

Forteriva was apparently founded in 2012 with the intention of preserving Gunther’s legacy through his successors. According to reports, Alarico kept everything working well until the year 2020. A worker apparently alerted authorities that the housing conditions for the German Shepherds had dramatically deteriorated during the preceding months. Because seasoned breeder Alarico and Gunther’s handler Maurizio Mian, respectively, owned 10% and 90% of the land, they conducted a raid, recovered 52 dogs, and admitted their guilt.

The Forteriva farm in Vecchiano may be permanently closed, but Alarico appears to have discovered new professional success elsewhere in Italy. In the documentary series, the winner of the 2004 and 2005 Germany Championships stated, “For me, there are no vacations, no other activities, only training with the dogs, only competition with the dogs,” giving us cause to assume this is true. There are good days and awful days. This describes the life of a breeder.

Alarico, who is in his mid-sixties, recently expressed his opinion on breeding, stating, “The German Shepherd possesses features and eccentricities that in the past had to be honoured by human-driven, not environmental, selection. A protocol established to construct the psychophysical unicum must be adhered to as strictly as any other regulation in order to preserve the exterior appearance and constant demeanour of the race. Regarding the remainder, you are free to gaze around at will and even scale the mirrors if you so choose.

You can watch Gunther’s Millions” documentary on Netflix.