Jerry Michael Williams Murder: Where is His Mother Cheryl Williams Now?

Where is Jerry Michael Williams Mother Cheryl Williams Now

Mike Williams‘ disappearance and death in December 2000 remained a mystery for nearly two decades until a stunning confession implicated his wife, Denise. Mike’s abduction and the diabolical scheme that led to his death are the subjects of A&E’s ‘Cold Case Files: The Voice in the Lake.

While everyone assumed it was an accident, Mike’s mother, Cheryl Williams, persisted in demanding additional information in the years following the incident. Denise’s tenacity paid off when she was found guilty. So, let’s learn more about this strong woman’s mother, shall we?

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Jerry Michael Williams Mother Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams, Who is She?

Jerry AKA Jerry Michael Williams was Cheryl’s younger of two sons. Denise, his high school sweetheart, was the young man’s bridesmaid in 1994. They grew up with another couple, Brian Winchester and Kathy Aldridge, who married in the same year and stayed close throughout their lives. Mike went missing in December 2000 while on a duck hunting excursion at Lake Seminole, Florida.

The authorities assumed it was an accident at the time, believing Mike was eaten by an alligator. Cheryl, on the other hand, was never pleased with that explanation. She was convinced that something else had happened to her son and set out to find out what it was.

First, the mother consulted an animal expert, who stated it was nearly unlikely for alligators to have dined on Mike during the winter months because the reptiles do not feed. Cheryl was compelled to look for answers as a result of this.

She purchased billboards and newspaper advertisements, placed posters on street corners, and even addressed letters to the governor. “All of a sudden, a voice comes in my head,” Cheryl later recounted of her visit to the lake. Mike is nowhere to be found in Lake Seminole.

He wasn’t drowned.” Cheryl also suspected Denise was concealing something because she was enraged by Mike’s mother’s continued pursuit of the matter. Denise even shut off Cheryl’s and her family’s communication with her kid.

Where is Jerry Michael Williams Mother Cheryl Williams today

What Happened to Cheryl Williams and Where Is She Now?

But, in the end, Cheryl’s efforts were rewarded when Brian Winchester admitted to killing Mike and implicating Denise in the conspiracy. Denise was convicted of murder, but the verdict was reversed. She was resentenced to 30 years in jail for murder conspiracy in September 2021.

“For the rest of my life, whenever I attempt to sleep, I see my kid clinging to a stump in the icy water,” Cheryl read from a victim impact statement at the time. Please don’t be merciful to her. She showed no mercy to my son. She stole him away from his family, friends, and daughter.”

Cheryl, according to our information, resides in Florida. She had previously stated that she would conduct her campaign with her retirement fund, leaving her with no savings. Cheryl’s health has been harmed by the long legal battle; she now has difficulties walking. She does, however, have a strong support system in the form of her son Nick, his family, and a number of other loved ones who have stayed by her side throughout her ordeal.

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