Kim Medlin Murder: Where is Kim’s Husband Bridger Medlin Now?

Where is Kim Medlin’s Husband Bridger Medlin Now

Kim Medlin Murder: Where is Kim’s Husband Bridger Medlin Today? – Kim and Bridger Medlin were happy couples, looking forward to creating a beautiful life for themselves. But a terrible event in March 1997 permanently altered Bridger’s perspective. “People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the 90s: 1997: A Deadly Drive” episode on Investigation Discovery describes how Kim was stopped by an off-duty police officer and later killed. The show’s featured guest, Bridger Medlin, described the nightmare. Here is all the information about Bridger Medlin and what he said on the show.

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Who is Bridger Medlin

Bridger Medlin: Who is He?

Bridger and Kim first met at the hotel bar, where Bridger was the DJ, and Kim was the waitress. As they started spending a lot of time together, what had first been a friendship quickly developed into something more. Bridger proposed to Kim after roughly three months of dating, and they got married in September 1994. Bridger was born and raised in Monroe, North Carolina, where the couple planned to relocate after marriage.

Bridger and Kim purchased some farmland in Monroe and set out to fulfill Kim’s desire to start a horse farm. They had a goat and a couple of horses right away. The two put a lot of effort into realizing that dream, with Bridger frequently traveling far distances to perform as the DJ at events and Kim working two jobs. The show claims that on the evening of March 28, 1997, Bridger was away for a function in South Carolina, while Kim was working at a nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When Bridger returned home at 2:45 AM on March 29, 1997, it was the last time he spoke to Kim. On the phone, the couple talked to one another. Bridger chose to wait for his wife, but he dozed off. Even though Kim had earlier said that she was close by, she wasn’t at home when he woke up. A police officer took a worried Bridger’s phone at around 3:59 in the morning and broke the heartbreaking news of Kim’s disappearance to the caring husband.

According to the program, Bridger was initially considered a suspect by the authorities but was quickly eliminated when his alibi was supported by surveillance and telephone records. When Kim’s brutally beaten body was discovered the following day, the tragic hunt for her came to an end. After some inquiry, it was discovered that Kim was killed by Josh Griffin, an off-duty police officer, who had pulled her over and probably attacked her after refusing.

Where is Bridger Medlin Today
Bridger Medlin

What Happened to Bridger Medlin and Where Is He Now?

Bridger was not shocked to learn that Josh had made his confession years after being imprisoned. 

Bridger said, “I’m glad for his conscience that he can finally admit to it. But we – the family of Kim Medlin – knew it. The only ones this may help are those who lack rational thought and question whether he is guilty. There will be no doubt now.”

Bridger continued that he has since moved on but has fond memories of his time spent with Kim. He continues to reside in Monroe now and has expanded on their passion for horses. Bridger currently looks after 15 horses for his company, which offers horse-drawn carriage rides. Along with the trips, they also provide horses for funerals and weddings. Bridger enjoys vacations with his loved ones in his spare time.

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