Where is Mama June’s Ex-Boyfriend Eugene Doak Now?

Where Is Eugene Doak Now

Where is Mama June’s Ex-Boyfriend Eugene Doak Now? – Mama June, AKA June Shannon and Eugene Doak, dated briefly in 2015 before reuniting in 2016. After participating on the show ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot,’ he became a household celebrity on reality television. Many admirers of the reality star kept tabs on the lengthy couple’s relationship, so it came as a shock when Mama June announced that she and Eugene had broken up in mid-2021.

Despite being convicted of narcotics charges in 2021, the reality star appears to have turned his life around and has even lost weight. This abrupt change has left fans wondering where Eugene is now, but fear not because we have answers.

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Who Is Eugene Doak
Eugene Doak with Mama June

Eugene Doak: Who Is He?

June Shannon began dating Edward Eugene Doak, AKA Geno, in 2015, but the couple soon split up and went their own ways. Shannon and Eugene decided to restart their relationship and start over the following year after finding it impossible to be apart.

Unfortunately, their relationship was tumultuous, as portrayed in We TV’sMama June: From Not to Hot,’ and the pair had to deal with a variety of issues, including weight loss and drug misuse. Despite this, they managed to lean on each other and get through life, much to the delight of viewers.

However, on March 13, 2019, Eugene and Shannon were both arrested in Alabama for crack cocaine possession. Eugene was also charged with drug paraphernalia possession, third-degree domestic violence, and harassment by law enforcement. Furthermore, because the two were apprehended outside a petrol station, police had the opportunity to check their vehicle. They discovered a glass pipe with white residue, a green pill, and needles.

Eugene and Shannon’s relationship suffered as a result of the arrest, but the two were hopeful that their lives would improve. June Shannon was sentenced to 100 hours of community service in 2021 for her narcotics possession, while Eugene accepted a plea agreement and was sentenced to up to 16 months in jail.

He was also sentenced to two years of probation following his release and ordered to undergo a substance abuse program by the judge. Eugene, determined to change his life, saw this as a chance and decided to join treatment.

Shannon, however, shocked fans when she declared in August 2021 that she and Eugene had been estranged for a long time and had finally called it quits on their romance. Shannon, according to sources, was on the mend and couldn’t keep up with Eugene’s reported drinking habit, forcing her to end the relationship.

What Has Happened to Eugene Doak and Where Is He Now?

Eugene entered rehab in September 2021 after the breakup news and has since turned his life around. The reality star was able to lose 70 pounds in just six months by remaining clean and eating properly. He also credited his weight loss to the treatment center’s carefully prepared meals and said that being on a schedule has forced him to live a healthier lifestyle.

Eugene also stated that while he exercises when time allows, his primary concentration is on eating the right foods at the correct times. Eugene is completing his term through the Macon County Community Corrections Program and will not have to see the insides of jail, according to sources. Eugene appears to have maintained his sobriety since leaving rehab and now uses social media to keep his followers up to speed on his life.

Furthermore, because he is still on probation for two years after his release, we can fairly presume that he is now residing in Alabama. It’s inspiring to see Eugene turn his life around, and we hope he continues on his current path and achieves even more success in the years ahead.

You can stream ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ episodes on We TV.