Where is Benita Alexander’s Friend “Nancy Cumba” Today?

Who is Nancy Cumba

Where is Benita Alexander’s Friend Nancy Cumba Now? – The fact that the cases of former doctor Paolo Macchiarini are covered in both ABC’sThe Con: The Love Con and “20/20: True Lies” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that emotional abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse. Even though the once-famous thoracic surgeon is now notorious for medical malpractice, his deception of his then-fiancée “Benita Alexander” was horrible in every aspect.

But if you’d like to know more about Nancy Cumba Johnson, the one person who went above and above to support the latter throughout everything, we have the information for you.

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Where is Benita Alexander’s Friend Nancy Cumba Now

Nancy Cumba: Who is she?

Nancy and Benita have known one another since at least the early to mid-1980s, and they have experienced many things together, including losses, pregnancies, breakups, and professional achievement. Because of this, the former has always had no problem asserting that her friend is an entirely devoted person.

This is what bothered the latter the most when the truth about Paolo eventually came out. She was irritated by his disrespect for her by failing to even prepare for their wedding despite his extravagant promises. Which prompted her to go to Barcelona with Benita without hesitation in search of some clarification.

The situation worsened when the friends arrived in Europe around Benita’s supposed wedding day celebrations because they were unable to confront Paolo. Benita was in a car a few feet away when Nancy and another close friend rang his doorbell as planned, only to discover that he appeared to be living with an unnamed woman and two children. They consequently realised right away that they didn’t want to cause a commotion in front of uninvolved third parties, leading the pals to just engage him in a regular chat in the streets.

As a result, the two women quickly gave Paolo a bottle of wine as a gift to express their regret that things didn’t work out as planned before taking off running. Nancy was not only secretly filming the entire exchange, but she also distinctly recalls being astonished by the fact that he never looked at them or extended an invitation to join him like he might have with anybody else. She then undoubtedly did her best to comfort and assist Benita, but she realised that only time and telling the complete truth to the public would do that, and she was correct.

What Happened to Nancy Cumba and Where Is She Now?

Currently residing in the lovely city of Pompano Beach, Florida, Nancy Cumba Johnson is a proud mother, creative businesswoman, life coach, artist, networker, and photographer, as far as we can tell. Unfortunately, she was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer, for which she began chemotherapy in early July. As a result, she is no longer able to function to her full ability.

You can follow “The Cumba Chronicles” on all social media platforms because Nancy is motivated to share her cancer struggle with the world in order to increase awareness of the disease. In addition, you can give to her support group’s GoFundMe page here if you’d want to help her pay for her monthly expenditures, including her mortgage, food shopping, and medical bills.

According to the fundraiser, Nancy “embodies love,” in part. “She has made a lot of friends all across the world who value her friendship, charity, and kindness. Now is the moment for us to pour into her as she has done for us. She will have copays, deductibles, surgeries, recovery periods, meds, etc., as she fights this malignancy, and she will also miss a lot of work days.

Let’s work together to support her in meeting her needs. It is both humbling and significantly appreciated that you gave her such a tremendous gift of love at this time in her life.

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