Where is Purvi Joshi’s Killer Manisha Patel Now?

Where is Purvi Joshi’s Killer Today

Where is Purvi Joshi’s Killer Manisha Patel Today? – Purvi Joshi, 28, had been in Australia for less than a month when her body was discovered with a knife stuck in her stomach by her fiancé Niraj Dave on July 30, 2013. Manisha Patel, an Indian national, was convicted of stabbing the fiancee of her former lover. ‘Deadly Women: Illicit and Lethal,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, details the horrific murder and exposes how the investigation led the Australian police right to Niraj’s ex, Manisha Patel. Let’s look into the details of the murder and see what we can learn.

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Purvi Joshi
Purvi Joshi

Manisha Patel: Who Is She?

Manisha and Niraj have been dating since September-October of 2011, according to sources. They grew close rapidly, and the show said that they even moved in together at one point. However, although their relationship began well, things quickly deteriorated, and after a few months, they decided not to live together. Despite this, Manisha and Niraj remained in contact and did not have an official breakup.

In 2012, Niraj travelled to India and met Purvi Joshi, whom he fell in love with. It didn’t take long for the two to become romantically involved. When Niraj and Purvi visited India in 2013, they agreed they should marry since they were a wonderful match. According to the episode, Manisha travelled to India with Niraj, unaware of his plans to marry Purvi.

Niraj and Manisha became intimate at a hotel in Dubai on their way back to Sydney, which resulted in Manisha becoming pregnant. Manisha reportedly had no information about Purvi or her engagement with Niraj when she terminated her pregnancy in March 2013. Niraj eventually moved out of the house in May 2013, and it appeared that his and Manisha’s chapter had come to an end.

However, Purvi landed in Sydney in July of the same year and met Manisha for the first time. Surprisingly, Manisha stated that Purvi took her passport away after their first meeting after inquiring about her relationship with Niraj.

Nonetheless, Manisha went to Niraj’s house in the early hours of July 30, 2013, and discovered Purvi alone. Soon after, the two ladies got into a confrontation, which resulted in Purvi’s death. Purvi’s body was discovered by Niraj, who immediately alerted the police, and an examination revealed that she died as a result of a stab wound in her stomach.

What Has Happened to Manisha Patel and Where Is She Now
Manisha Patel was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months in prison.

What Has Happened to Manisha Patel and Where Is She Now?

Niraj Dave was well aware that Manisha Patel was envious of his and Purvi Joshi’s friendship and quickly alerted the authorities. Purvi was new to Sydney, therefore she didn’t know many people, and only Manisha had the most compelling reason to kill her, according to the police. When questioned, Manisha said that she had gone to Purvi to get her passport, which resulted in a fight. She also claimed that the victim assaulted her with a knife, forcing her to kill Purvi in self-defense.

Manisha Patel, who is currently serving a nine-year-and-four-month sentence for murder, was found guilty by a jury in 2015 and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Her conviction was overturned in 2017, but she was later convicted guilty of manslaughter in March 2018.

Ms. Patel claimed she was acting in self-defense, but the court stated that while it is impossible to know why this crime occurred, it is apparent that Ms. Patel killed Ms. Joshi by “excessive use of force in defending herself against a knife assault.”

Although the court stated that Ms. Patel had a good chance of rehabilitation, it also stated that she had shown no remorse for her acts. She was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months in prison for manslaughter, which she is still serving in an Australian prison today.

Stream ‘Deadly Women: Illicit and Lethal,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery.

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