Where is Rand Gauthier Now? Is ‘Seth Rogen’ Character in ‘Pam & Tommy’ Based on Real Person?

Where is Rand Gauthier Now

Pam & Tommy‘ tells the incredible story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, a celebrity couple who marry just days after meeting.

But, when their unhappy carpenter steals from them and mistakenly obtains an intimate recording of the couple, their whirlwind romance takes a bizarre turn.

When the electrician, Rand, gets his hands on the explosive tape, he decides to make money off of it, causing all kinds of havoc.

The story takes place in the early days of the internet, and the dissatisfied employee uses the internet’s reach to launch his “business.”

Rand’s storey is odd, and it sets off a chain of events that make the news. Is it possible that the character is based on a genuine person? Let’s have a look.


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'Seth Rogen' Character in 'Pam & Tommy' Based on Rand Gauthier

Is ‘Seth Rogen’ Character in ‘Pam & Tommy’ Based on Rand Gauthier?

Rand Gauthier is based on a real person, as played by a mullet-sporting Seth Rogen in ‘Pam & Tommy.’

The genuine Rand Gauthier employed as an electricians on Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s Mulholland Highway property in Los Angeles in 1995 and was sacked owing to unpaid dues, which he said totaled $20,000.

The angry employee then took the safe, where he discovered the now-famous sex tape, as depicted in the episode.

Gauthier alleges that he had intended just to write off the debts, but when Lee approached him with a gun, he devised a plot of vengeance.

“I was never very well-liked,” the electrician said, “but I’d never been held at gunpoint.” So it messed with my mind.”

Gauthier was born and raised in Los Angeles, and he had a difficult upbringing. His mother became a Jehovah’s Witness later in life, while his dad, actor Dick Gautier, was mostly absent.

Nevertheless, he earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Electrophysics from California State University. He went on to star in a number of adult films after dating Erica Boyer, an adult film actress.

Gauthier, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with his position and went to work as an electrician, ultimately getting a job at Lee and Anderson’s House.

Gauthier expected to become wealthy beyond his wildest dreams after discovering the tape in the stolen safe and selling it online with the help of Milton Ingley (Uncle Miltie, played by Nick Offerman).

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Rand Gauthier

Gauthier also revealed in an interview that he had begun shopping into castles in Spain after the tape purportedly produced actual sales of $77 million in less than a year.

Gauthier’s plans, however, did not pan out, and the video was frequently duplicated and bootlegged, resulting in declining earnings.

The former electrician was obliged to work for the mob in order to repay the debt he and Ingley took to start selling the videos. He revealed shattering the collarbones of individuals who owed money to the mob in an interview. Gauthier eventually went back to work as an electrician.

In the making of ‘Pam & Tommy,’ the real Rand Gauthier was not involved. “I wanted to play Rand as someone who had very little going on in his thoughts,” Rogen remarked in an interview with Variety about the role.

Someone whose eventually terrible behaviours are the result of a complete lack of thought and concern for how his actions will affect others, rather than some extraordinary and deep thought process.”

As a result, while the miniseries tries to match many characteristics of Rand’s persona to his real-life counterpart, it also approximates and fictionalises certain aspects of the character. However, Rogen’s character is based on a genuine person.

Where is Rand Gauthier These Days

Where is Rand Gauthier Now And What He Is Doing?

Rand Gauthier relocated from Los Angeles to Santa Rosa in 2007, where he appears to be working as an electrician.

A look at his LinkedIn page shows that he worked as an electrical engineer & business relations manager for Tricon International and the University of California.

In his spare time, he loves playing tennis, restoring vehicles, and practising Tae Kwon Do. Q Electrical Services is now his business.

In an interview, Gauthier claims to be exploring polyacrylamide gels and currently writing a book about the nature of magic and symbolism in religion, despite his days selling copies of the stolen sex tape.

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