Jamie Fraley Case: Where Is Ricky Simonds Jr. Now? How Did Ricky Simonds Sr. Die?

Jamie Fraley dead or alive

Jamie Fraley Missing Case: Where Is Ricky Simonds Jr. Now? How Did Ricky Simonds Sr. Die? – Police searched every possible lead when 22-year-old Jamie Fraley vanished from her Gastonia, North Carolina, home on April 8, 2008. Detectives soon became hooked on Jamie’s fiancé’s father, Ricky Simonds Sr. The incident is detailed in Crime Junkies’ “Missing: Jamie Fraley,” which also demonstrates how Simonds Sr. was discovered deceased a few months after Jamie vanished. Let’s investigate the case’s specifics to learn more, shall we?

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Ricky Simonds Sr. Cause of Death?

It’s interesting to note that Ricky Simonds Sr., his son, and his fiancée all lived in the same apartment complex at the time of Jamie’s disappearance. Despite the fact that Simonds Sr. was stated in the podcast as being somewhat fascinated with Jamie Fraley, he was usually helpful. He even drove the 22-year-old to certain appointments since she lacked a driver’s licence. Surprisingly, Simonds Sr. had previously been found guilty of manslaughter for strangling an ex-girlfriend, and Simonds Jr. also had a criminal history. Simonds Jr. received a 15-month sentence concurrently for stealing in 2007.

Jamie called a family member on April 8, 2008, and claimed that she had a stomach ache and wanted to go to the hospital. She later made two trips to the hospital, the second of which Ricky Simonds Sr. drove. Witnesses saw Jamie enter her home at midnight, looking healthy and alive, although she did not return with Simonds Sr. but in an odd turn of events, Jamie called one of her pals at about 1:30 in the morning and stated that she was going back to the hospital.

Ricky Simonds
Ricky Simonds Sr.

The 22-year-old also claimed that she was being driven by a man, but she never gave his name. Jamie simply vanished after saying that, and no one had ever seen or heard from her again. To this day, her whereabouts remain unknown.

The police launched a significant search effort as soon as they learned of Jamie’s disappearance the next day. Even though Jamie’s phone was quickly found about a mile from her apartment, it offered no information about her movements, leaving detectives back where they started. After conducting many interviews, investigators eventually discovered that Simonds Sr. was one of the last people to see Jamie alive.

However, he was even previously convicted of manslaughter, making him the main suspect in this case. Simonds Sr. insisted on his innocence and even declined to submit to a test when the police approached him. But the probe was quickly put on hold by an unexpected turn of events.

One of Simonds Srex.’s girlfriends noticed a bad smell coming from her car’s trunk on June 7, 2008. Kim Sprenger, the woman in question, had a restraining order against Simonds Sr., so she was somewhat shocked to discover him inside her trunk when she opened it. Simonds Sr. had already passed away when he was found, though, and an autopsy revealed that heat stroke was the cause of death.

Ricky Simonds Jr
Ricky Simonds Jr.

What Happened to Ricky Simonds Jr. and Where Is He Now?

Simonds Jr. was never considered a suspect by the authorities because he was incarcerated at the time of Jamie’s abduction. Additionally, after being let out of jail, he was quite helpful and assisted in the search for a missing individual in any way he could. It’s interesting to note that Simonds Jr. said his father was more like a buddy to him when Simonds Sr. was found dead. He was unable to completely dismiss, though, the possibility that his father was somehow connected to Jamie’s disappearance.

Despite being from Gastonia originally, Ricky Simonds Jr. appears to have made a home in Shelby, North Carolina, where he works for himself. Unfortunately, Simonds Jr. has chosen to keep his private life private ever since Jamie vanished. Nevertheless, his social media accounts suggest that he might be in a relationship right now.