Where is Ron Presba’s Wife Patty Presba Now?

Patty Presba - Ron Presba’s wife

Where is Ron Presba’s Wife Patty Presba Now? – No one expected Ron Presba’s wife to play a role in the recovery of his burnt remains from his identically charred vehicle near a canyon in California in 2008, but she did. In fact, according to the NBC Dateline, ‘The Seduction’ podcast, Patty Presba planned the entire homicide, only for her lover Jaime Ramos to carry it out through deception.

So, whether you’re interested in learning more about Patty’s cold crime, how she murdered her husband Ron, her affair with the young boy, and how she handled the awful situation, her exact intentions, or her present whereabouts, we’ve got all the information you need.

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Ron Presba murder
Patty Presba with her husband Ron Presba.

Who is Patty Presba and Did She Kill Her Husband?

While we don’t know when or where Patricia “Patty” Ann initially met Ron Presba, we do know they eloped without telling anybody, even their closest family, which caused some tension. According to an early-2010s ‘Dateline‘ segment, Ron’s daughters disliked their stepmother because they believed she was a liar and a “fake” who took advantage of their father and then cheated on him. They’d caught her “straying” before and knew she’d do it again because of the effort she put into her appearance, but they had no clue it would take such a nasty turn.

Patty, a 47-year-old California Conservation Corps employee, had become acquainted with her 21-year-old trainee, Jaime Ramos, who was younger than any of her children. Regardless, their infatuation continued, and she quickly began to imagine a life without Ron. She did, however, skip through a divorce. Patty, after all, was the beneficiary of Patty’s $150,000 life insurance policy, which would double in value if he perished in an accident. As a result, she devised a meticulous plan, informed her lover that her husband was sexually and physically abusive, and then persuaded him to commit the crime.

As the authorities narrowed in on Patty and Jaime, she claimed not only that they’d split up days before the incident, partly due to Ron’s awareness of the affair, but also that she was scared of Jaime. “I’m telling you, he’ll come for me,” Patty said in a police interview. “He’ll tell you he’s coming here [for your requested interrogation], but he’ll kill me first.” With that stated, Patty had also intended to kill Jaime, as proven by the three rounds she fired at him before Jaime managed to persuade her to halt so they could flee together.

Patty Presba Now
Patty Presba was sentenced to a total of 42 years in prison for the first-degree murder of her husband Ron Presba.

What Happened to Patty Presba and Where Is She Now?

Patty sought to pin the entire guilt on her partner, Jaime, after they were arrested in late July 2008, the day after they went missing, even claiming he had kidnapped her. Nonetheless, Jaime ended up telling the authorities the whole truth, no matter how appealing the concept of taking the fall for her in the name of love sounded at the time.

He also admitted that he was responsible for the severe gash on Patty’s arm during the fake kidnapping, but that it was legally her fault — “I’m hesitating, then she slams my arm down to–and then I just wind up slicing her,” he added.

Patty and Jaime were both detained on the same day, with the former pleading guilty in return for a lesser sentence just days before her February 2010 trial. Apart from the fact that Jaime had consented to testify against Patty, it’s also possible that further investigations revealed proof that she’d previously asked others to murder her husband.

Patty was eventually sentenced to a total of 42 years in prison for the first-degree murder of Ron and the attempted murder of Jaime on March 5, 2010. As a result, she is currently detained at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, at the age of 61. In July 2028, she will be eligible for parole.

You can listen to the podcast on NBC Dateline, ‘The Seduction,‘ to learn more about the case.