Where is Serial Killer ‘Henry Louis Wallace’ Today?

Where is Henry Louis Wallace Now

Where is Serial Killer ‘Henry Louis Wallace’ now? Let’s find him. Henry Louis Wallace (November 4, 1965) is a serial murderer who murdered ten young Black women in Charlotte, North Carolina, between May 1992 and March 1994. He is currently awaiting death at Raleigh’s Central Prison.

The arrest of Henry Louis Wallace in March 1994 brought an end to a protracted reign of terror in Charlotte, North Carolina. The fast-food worker admitted to killing eleven women, ten of whom were in Charlotte. ‘20/20: Lock the Door Behind You,’ an ABC News special, examines the investigation that led to the arrest and the charges surrounding the officers’ treatment of the victims.

So, we’ve got you covered if you’ve been curious about Henry’s whereabouts since then.

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Who is Henry Louis Wallace
Henry Louis Wallace

What is Henry Louis Wallace’s Background?

Lottie Mae Wallace gave birth to Henry in November 1965 in Barnwell, South Carolina. Henry and his older sister were cared for by Henry’s single mother, who worked at a textile mill. Henry had a tough upbringing since Lottie was a strict disciplinarian who would reportedly order her children to whip one other when she felt the need to chastise them. Henry attended college after graduating from high school in 1983 before joining the US Naval Reserve.

Maretta Brabham, a high school friend, he married in 1985. While Henry didn’t appear to cause any problems at work, he began abusing crack cocaine. He broke into homes and businesses to support his drug habit. This continued throughout the 1990s, and Henry was honourably discharged from the Navy after an arrest for breaking and entering in 1992. (because of his trouble-free service record)

He eventually relocated in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he started working in fast-food businesses and eventually rose through the ranks to become a manager at a local Taco Bell.

Henry’s crime spree was terrifying in Charlotte. He confessed to the murders of 11 persons after his arrest in March 1994. Through tangible evidence, the authorities were directed to Henry. Betty Baucom was found strangled to death with a ligature in her apartment just days before his arrest; there were indications of a fight, and she had been sexually assaulted. Her automobile was among the goods missing from her residence. Authorities later discovered it in a parking lot and discovered a palm print.

This print eventually matched Henry, who was apprehended. He had a criminal record at the time, having previously committed sexual offences, burglary, and robbery. In addition, security footage from a bank revealed a man with a distinctive earring attempting to use Vanessa Mack’s bank card. Vanessa was killed in her home in February 1994.

She was sexually abused and strangled with a ligature, just like Betty. Henry was photographed wearing the same characteristic earring in one of his mugshots, tying him to another murder.

Henry admitted to killing ten people in Charlotte: Sharon Nance, Caroline Love, Shawna Hawk, Audrey Spain, Valencia Jumper, Michelle Stinson, Vanessa Mack, Betty Baucom, Brandi Henderson, and Deborah Slaughter during questioning. Most of these women he knew through his work, girlfriend, or sister. Henry detailed his confession, including the attacks and sexual assaults.

Henry raped Brandi when she was holding her little son. He also attempted to choke the baby, but the child survived. He also admitted to killing Tashanda Bethea in Barnwell in March 1990. Henry admits to strangling her, cutting her wrists and throat, and throwing her body in a pond after sexually assaulting her.

Henry Louis Wallace Victims
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Who Were the Cictims of Henry Louis Wallace?

According to NBC Charlotte, Wallace is suspected of perpetrating 90 murders across the country but has only been convicted of nine.

Among his known victims are:

  • Love Caroline
  • Brandi Henderson, June
  • Hawk, Shawna
  • Little Mack, Vanessa
  • Spain Audrey Ann
  • M. Valencia Jumper
  • Stinson, Michelle
  • Slaughter, Deborah
  • Betty Baucom, Jean

Following Wallace’s arrest, it was discovered that he knew each of the victims as a friend, coworker, or neighbour.

Where is Henry Louis Wallace Today
WAS95:CRIME-KILLER-DEATH:CHARLOTTE, N.C.,29JAN97 – FILE PHOTO 13MAR94 – Convicted serial killer Henry Louis Wallace is shown in a picture taken after his arrest in Charlotte, NC., March 13 1994. A North Carolina jury on January 29 returned nine death sentences against Wallace – one for each woman he was convicted of strangling. cm/HO REUTERS

What Happened to Henry Louis Wallace and Where is He Now?

Henry had even attended the funerals of some of his victims in a brazen act. Some alleged that the police took too long to investigate the killings since the victims were all black women from the working class, but the authorities refuted this. Authorities claim Henry acquired the trust of his victims before murdering them.

He was convicted guilty of nine counts of first-degree murder, as well as rape, assault with a dangerous weapon, and robbery, in January 1997. As a result, Henry received nine death sentences. He is believed to be awaiting execution at the Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina, according to records.

When will Henry Louis Wallace’s Episode on 20/20 air?

The ABC News show 20/20 is a popular show that features horrific true-crime stories from the past. Wallace’s case will be shown on ABC on May 13, 2022, at 10 p.m. EST.