Where Is Surveillance Expert ‘Reed Wilson’ Now?

Where is Reed Wilson Now
image credit: Netflix

Where is Reed Wilson Now? – The true-crime documentary ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes,’ from Netflix, focuses on the renowned actor’s youth and personal life. The film also investigates the claims about her relationships with the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert. The audience is then informed of audio recordings that support this allegation.

Reed Wilson, a surveillance expert, went into great detail about his role in obtaining the recordings. So, how about we learn a little more about him?

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Reed Wilson, Who is he?

Reed Wilson was a surveillance expert and an expert in electronics at the time. He’d previously worked with politicians, casinos, and government agencies and was recognised for his discretion. Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful union activist at the time, had engaged renowned private detective Fred Otash. Fred was tasked by Jimmy with creating a “genuine, in-depth, disparaging report dossier on Jack and Bobby Kennedy.”

Fred then sought the assistance of Reed Wilson. The aim was to install listening devices at Peter and Pat Lawford’s home. Pat was John and Robert’s sister, and they used to visit the couple in their Santa Monica, California, home whenever they were in the area.

Reed bugged the house during a social gathering, and the bugs would go off if there was information about one or both of the Kennedys attending. The team also bugged Marilyn’s apartment a few months before she died. Another individual, John Danoff, was employed by Fred to keep an eye on the broadcasts.

He claimed to have heard John and Marilyn’s voices in Peter’s residence around Thanksgiving 1961, adding, “Then you heard them conversing, and they were disrobing and entering into the sex act on the bed.” Reed went on to say that he and Fred had gone over a tape of John having sex with Marilyn.

What Happened to Reed Wilson and Where Is He Now?

On the night Marilyn died, Robert contacted her from Peter’s house, according to Reed. “She said, ‘Don’t bother me,'” he claims. Please don’t bother me. ‘Get out of my way.’ It was a tumultuous debate. ‘I feel used and passed about,’ she added. ‘I’m feeling like a hunk of flesh.’

According to some sources, Robert paid Marilyn a visit on the day she died, and Fred was later requested to empty her house of anything related to the Kennedys. Reed, on the other hand, appears to have kept a quiet profile since then. Read’s last known whereabouts was California, so it’s uncertain whether he’s dead or living.