Where is ‘The Circle’ Season 4 Contestant Rachel Evans Now?

Where Is Rachel From The Circle Now

Where is ‘The Circle’ Season 4 Contestant Rachel Evans Now? – ‘The Circle,’ a Netflix game show, seeks to emulate modern-day social media by bringing together a group of contestants and having them live in separate apartments.

While the main goal is to gain popularity, contestants are only allowed to communicate via a specifically designed social media app that sends words and photographs. Naturally, such an app supports anonymity, and when used correctly, catfishing becomes a feasible winning tactic.

Rachel Evans was a YouTube sensation long before she appeared on season 4 of ‘The Circle,’ thanks to her true crime show, ‘Dark5.’ Rachel, on the other hand, exhibited a fun and quirky side of her personality while on the game show, which quickly charmed her fans. She, too, joined the game as herself and played to her full potential, only to find herself in the final.

Let’s take a closer look at Rachel’s experience in the game and where she is right now.

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Who Is Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans: Who Is She?

Rachel Evans began her professional career as an executive assistant at a talent management business. Still, fate brought her face to face with the camera operator of a pro wrestling program, who took her under his wing. Rachel continued to climb the corporate ladder even while learning the ropes at the pro-wrestling show.

She eventually secured the funding she needed to co-found Snarled, a YouTube channel that included her true-crime show, Dark5.’ Rachel quickly gained a devoted following and became well-known on the platform.

Rachel never gave up her business career while following her passion and has worked for prominent companies such as Skybound and Collider. Rachel came across as a quiet and introverted candidate who needed some time to warm up to her peers, despite the fact that she entered ‘The Circle‘ as herself.

Rachel, on the other hand, eventually caught on to the competition and was able to avoid some close calls. She also formed long-term alliances with Yu Ling, Frank, and Imani, to name a few.

Surprisingly, her continuation on the show was jeopardised during the blocking that followed the hacking episode. However, in her efforts to gain Frank’s trust, Yu Ling saved Rachel from being eliminated, cementing their friendship even further.

However, no one had any concerns with the paranormal researcher because she was kind and friendly to everyone. Frank, the super-secret influencer, ultimately chose Rachel to take her spot in the season 4 finale in the penultimate episode. However, she came up just short and finished the season in fourth place.

What Has Happened to Rachel Evans and Where Is She Now?

Rachel returned to her regular life after her trip on the show and is currently residing in Houston, Texas. Interestingly, she continues to work for Travel Channel as a paranormal researcher and for Smosh as a Director of Audience Development and Distribution. She has also lent her paranormal knowledge to a number of television shows.

Rachel’s romantic life appears to be without a special someone at the moment. Nonetheless, she has built a wonderful life surrounded by her loved ones, and we wish her every happiness in the years ahead.