Where is Trader Joe’s Killer Gene Atkins Now?

Where is Gene Atkins Now

Where is Gene Atkins Now – Where is Trader Joe’s Killer Gene Atkins Today? – Unsuspecting customers at a Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake, California, were astonished when a gunman stormed the store and took them hostage in July 2018. ‘48 Hours: Standoff at Trader Joe’s,’ a CBS News special, digs into the events surrounding Gene Atkins’ alleged rampage and the terrible situation that everyone involved went through.

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what happened to Gene following that fateful afternoon.

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Who is Gene Atkins

Who is Gene Atkins, and Where Did he Come From?

When the incident occurred, Gene Atkins was about 28 years old. In South Los Angeles, California, he resided with his grandma, Mary Madison. On July 21, 2018, at 1:30 p.m., Mary and Gene had an argument because Mary was upset that Gene wasn’t looking for work and was spending time in his room with his girlfriend. Gene shot his grandma seven times and his 17-year-old girlfriend, who received a grazing wound to her head, according to officials.

Gene then smuggled his lover into Mary’s car and drove away. The officers then used anti-theft software to trace down the vehicle and apprehend him. Gene refused to pull over when officers attempted to stop him near Hollywood, California, and later opened fire on the officers. Gene’s rear glass was damaged in the process, and he subsequently collided with a pole outside of Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake.

Gene then exited the vehicle and dashed towards the business, firing at the officers. A gunshot hit Gene in the elbow by two officers who returned fire. However, a bystander was tragically shot in the process. Melyda Corado, a 27-year-old Trader Joe’s manager, was struck by one of the police rounds. She was on her way out of the store when a police bullet hit her in the chest. Gene made it inside and then fired three more shots at the officers.

Around 40 individuals were inside when Gene barricaded himself. The police encircled the location and had hostage negotiators contact Gene. He remained in the store’s front window, keeping five people hostage. Despite Gene’s demands, the negotiators were eventually able to talk him down. The crisis ended around 6:30 p.m. when he shackled himself and walked out with the captives.

The authorities then discovered that Gene resided with his grandmother, who had reared him since he was seven years old, through the family. Gene had previous run-ins with the cops, according to his cousin Charlene Egland, but Mary still took care of him.

He had previously been arrested for vandalism and had robbed Charlene’s daughter at gunpoint, according to Charlene. Gene was said to have lost his job and two cars in the days preceding the incident. “I’m either going to die and go to hell, or I’m going to kill somebody,” he informed Charlene’s kid.

Where is Gene Atkins Today

What Happened to Gene Atkins and Where Is He Now?

On the same day as the event, Gene was apprehended. Murder, attempted murder, false confinement of hostages, grand theft, and assault with a pistol were among the charges he faced. The court decided in February 2020 that Gene would be evaluated to see if he was mentally competent to face trial. He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and a variety of other ailments in the past.

Gene was in counseling for rage difficulties when he was nine years old, according to his grandma. Gene stated in February 2019 that he was a prophet sent by Jesus. In May 2021, he was found competent to face trial, and his deposition was planned for March 2022.

In a letter to Melyda’s family’s lawyers, Gene claimed that he didn’t use his firearm and didn’t fire a single bullet outside the store, despite the fact that Melyda’s family had filed wrongful death litigation against the city and the police officer. He is currently being held in police custody in Los Angeles, California, until his trial.