Where is TV Host and Chef ‘Lady Tamara Falco’ Today?

who is Lady Tamara Falco

Where is TV Host and Chef ‘Lady Tamara Falco’ Now? – Netflix’s “Lady Tamara” is a reality series that looks deeply into the unquestionably beautiful life of Spanish heiress, socialite, influencer, and chef Tamara Falcó. That’s because it focuses on her family, her romance with Igo Onieva, her relationship with God, and her goals for the future, in addition to her busy work. So, if you want to know in detail about Tamara Falcó and her current whereabouts, keep reading the full article below.

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Lady Tamara Falco

Who Is Tamara Falcó?

Tamara Isabel Falcó Preysler, 6th Marchioness of Grión, is a Spanish aristocrat and reality television contestant. She was born on November 20, 1981. She served as a co-host on the program El Hormiguero. She is the only child of Spanish-Filipino socialite Isabel Preysler and aristocrat Carlos Falcó, 12th Marquess of Castel-Moncayo, GE.

Tamara Isabel Falcó Preysler, the sole child of Carlos Falcó y Fernández de Córdoba and Mara Isabel Preysler Arrastia, was born on November 20, 1981, in Madrid, Spain. Her parents got married in 1980, both for the second time. Both of Grión’s parents remarried after divorcing in 1985. Grión has eight half-siblings from her parents’ previous unions, including singer Enrique Iglesias, Alejandra, the 13th Marchioness of Mirabel, and Manolo, the 13th Marquess of Castel-Moncayo.

Grión studied communication while attending Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois. She attended Istituto Marangoni in Milan to study fashion following an internship at Inditex. She is also a graduate of the University of Navarra with a degree in visual merchandise.

For one season in 2013, Grión acted as the lead in her own reality television show, We Love Tamara. Since then, she has made several guest appearances on different television series. In 2019, Grión competed in the fourth season of the competitive reality cooking competition MasterChef Celebrity Espaa, which he ultimately won. She maintained her career in food-related television after winning the competition by presenting Cocina al Punto with Pea y Tamara alongside renowned chef Javier Garca Pea. She completed her formal culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid, Spain, in June 2021.

Along with Pablo Motos, Juan del Val, Cristina Pardo, and Nuria Roca, Grión joined the cast of the Spanish variety talk show El Hormiguero in September 2020 as a co-presenter in its roundtable debate segment. She served as a judge on the talent competition program El Desafo in January 2021.

She ascended to her father’s junior title, the Marquisate of Grión, following his will when he passed away in March 2020 from complications from COVID-19.

Grión has made it known that she is a practising Roman Catholic and that Beatriz Arrastia Reinares, her maternal grandmother, had an influence on her by going to mass every day. She is the nephew of her maternal younger half-sister Ana Boyer Preysler and Spanish professional tennis player Fernando Verdasco Carmona, who has her as his baptismal godmother.

Since November 2020, Grión has been romantically involved with Spanish hotel executive Igo Onieva Molas.

What Happened to Tamara Falcó and Where Is She Now?

Sincerely, Tamara’s active involvement in non-fiction works is what ultimately inspired her to turn one of her seemingly unremarkable loves into her most recent career. After all, she won season 4 of the professional cooking competition “MasterChef Celebrity Espaa” (2019), which made her realize she was capable of much more. The Madrid native enrolled at that time to pursue professional culinary instruction at Le Cordon Bleu (French for The Blue Ribbon), while continuing to function mainly as a public figure.

As if that weren’t enough, Tamara also tried her hand at new endeavours as a host/presenter at this time. She still plays this role since it offers her an adrenaline rush unlike anything else. As a result, the practising Roman Catholic has been co-hosting the open debate portion of the Spanish variety talk show “El Hormiguero” for the past two years or so. She completed her studies at the hospitality school in June 2021, and in October of that same year, she released her debut cookbook, titled “Recipes From My Mother’s House.”

Tamara has recently done it all, including collaborating with clothing companies like TFP, working with health and beauty brands like Sisley, and releasing her own collection with Tous Jewelry. Additionally, it seems as though she is actively attempting to collaborate with various culinary brands to increase her reach and expertise in this field.

This is due to the Madrid-based chef’s desire to one day fulfil her ambition of creating a restaurant, just as she did with the temporary restaurant she established at her Palace for the movieLady Tamara.” Her web platforms show the aristocrat is currently completely satisfied thanks to her international employment, her relationship with Igo, and her familial ties.

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