Where Was “Falling for Vermont” (2017) Filmed?

Where Was Falling for Vermont (2017) Filmed

Where Was Hallmark’s Falling for Vermont Filmed? – Favorite pastimes are reintroduced with each new season. These could include the spicy aromas of a pumpkin spice latte or the warm sensation we get when we bring out our favourite oversized sweater in the Fall. Autumn, whatever it is, offers a plethora of activities. Hallmark’s “Fall Harvest” campaign is one of these fall classics. Hallmark has six all-new originals this season.

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“Falling for Vermont” (2017) Plot Summary

Falling for Vermont, introduces us to Angela Young (Julie Gonzalo), a best-selling author of a popular young adult novel. She’s about to watch a novel brought to life on the big screen. Angela’s life revolves around press appearances, red carpets, and book expos due to her rapid celebrity. Angela feels the pressure, much to her chagrin. Worse, she feels as though her life has been taken away from her.

She flees these interviews, phone calls, and the public in an act of spontaneity. Her business-minded manager (and boyfriend) and her overbearing assistant are among them (and her sister). Her weekend getaway has only one problem. Angela experiences amnesia following a single-car accident.

Angela then stumbles across a little Vermont village, where she is taken in by the town doctor, Jeff (Benjamin Ayres), and his two children. “Elizabeth” discovers she’s been missing something important in her life as she unites with her brother’s family.

Critics praised the film for its tempting production value, intelligent direction, and complex character portraits after its premiere. The majority of the film takes place in and around a little picturesque Vermont hamlet, as the title suggests. However, because the reel frequently transforms into reality, you must be wondering if the movie was indeed shot in Vermont. Allow us to delve deeper into such an instance.

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Falling for Vermont Filming Locations

“Falling for Vermont” (2017) Filming Locations

The entire film ‘Falling for Vermont’ was shot in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Principal photography began on July 24, 2017, and the film was completed by August 12 of the same year. As a cinematographer, Anthony C. Metchie, a long-time associate of the filmmaker, joined the crew. The majority of the production design, on the other hand, was done by Michael Ritter (art department of ‘Stakeout’ and ‘Runaway’).

British Columbia offers superb filmmaking circumstances for both filmmakers and producers. The scenery includes lush mountains, jungles, lakes, and long sections of the coastline. Furthermore, the provincial government entices producers by providing lucrative tax incentives, which adds to the allure of attractive currency exchange rates. Now we’ll take you to the specific places where the film was shot.

Langley (British Columbia)

The majority of the scenes were shot in and around Langley, British Columbia, which is part of the Metro Vancouver Regional District. Several farms and ranches can be found in the suburban municipality, making it a popular filming location. The Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery, an impressive farmhouse, and estate located at 6179 248 Street in Langley, served as a base for the actors and crew. From ‘Pumpkin Pie Wars’ to ‘The Sweetest Heart,’ the farm has hosted various Hallmark productions. On the other hand, the farm invites visitors with wine tasting programs, a market offering fresh farm products, and pick-your-own fields.

Agassiz (British Columbia)

In addition, the production team shot sequences in Agassiz, a tiny town. The peaceful township is the largest in the District Municipality of Kent, and it is located in Fraser County, in the province’s Eastern Fraser Valley region. It’s around 97 kilometers east of Vancouver’s downtown area. You can choose from a variety of activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, skiing, or gliding if you visit the community.

“Falling for Vermont” (2017) Cast Details

The film stars many well-known performers from the cinema and television industries, as well as several young supporting players who steal the show. Julie Gonzalo plays Angela Young/Elizabeth, the amnesiac author, opposite Benjamin Ayres as Dr. Jeff Callahan, the country doctor, in the key duo. You may recognize Ayres from the TV show “Suits,” while Gonzalo is best known for her performance in “A Cinderella Story.”

  • Benjamin Ayres as Dr. Jeff Callan
  • Peter Benson as Brad Thompson
  • Ava Grace Cooper as Little Girl
  • Julie Gonzalo as Angela Young / Elizabeth
  • Jenn Griffin as Jane Callan
  • Larissa Albuquerque as Wendy
  • Barbara Kottmeier as Cynthia Young
  • Cate Sproule as Athena
  • Mark Brandon as Bob Callan
  • Christian Michael Cooper as Alex Callan
  • Lauren McNamara as Emily Callan
  • Fiona Forbe as Beantown Today Host
  • Dean Petriw as Austin
  • Doron Bell as Sheriff Kevin Gaines
  • Raugi Yu as Boston Book Expo Host

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