Where Was “Jersey Shore” Filmed?


One of the more bizarre cultural incursions into immigrant American communities during the height of MTV was the reality television series “Jersey Shore.” A vacation villa in coastal New Jersey is home to eight housemates who occasionally travel to Florida and Italy. The program became a pop-cultural phenomenon while sparking debates and accusations of racial stereotyping. The series produced six complete seasons, totaling seventy-one episodes, during its brief run from 2009 to 2012. Pauly D, better known as Snooki, was made famous by the original business, which was created by SallyAnn Salsano. The setting, which gives the series its name, draws the varied cast members together. You must question if the show was filmed in New Jersey as you take a quick look at a particular type of adolescent subculture. Let’s investigate more in such a scenario.

Filming Locations in Jersey Shore

‘Jersey Shore’ was shot in a number of sites in and around New Jersey and Florida, as well as in Italy for a few sequences. Some of the cinematography was done by Brian Steimle, who previously directed “Daddy’s Girl” and “Run’s House.” On the other side, the project started working with production designer Jake Leslie (‘Tool Academy’). The series, whose name includes the word “Jersey,” examines the culture of coastal New Jersey. Depending on where you are filming, the state additionally offers producers a 30 to 35 percent tax credit for approved production expenses. The acquisition appears profitable given the additional diversity incentive of 2%. Now let us take you to the specific areas where the TV show was shot.

New Jersey’s Seaside Heights

The majority of the filming took place in the so-called “Jersey Shore House” in the seaside town of Seaside Heights in New Jersey’s Ocean County. The mansion, which is at 1209 Ocean Terrace, is now a popular destination for travelers. The building’s distinctive facade and colorful doors make it easy to identify. The entire set, including the recognizable hot tub, was delivered by the production company. In line with the Italian-American concept, they also added Cadillac wheels and “Scarface” posters.

The cast members worked at the nearby Shore Store while they were in the region. Four out of the six seasons showcase the house, which helps the local economy. Even though none of the cast members were from the “region,” the programme received negative feedback from the neighbourhood. The only area in the house where the residents had any sense of privacy was the shower. There were 35 remote-controlled cameras put throughout the house, along with 12 hand-held cameras, one IMX camera, and six DV cameras.

Florida’s Miami

Where Was "Jersey Shore" Filmed?


Filming for the second season began in Miami Beach, Florida’s South Beach district. The cast and crew returned to the Jersey Shore House toward the conclusion. The Metropole Suites South Beach, an opulent tourist retreat situated at 635 Collins Avenue in the Miami Beach district, served as the crew’s home base during the second season. You may still reserve a room there to relive your “Jersey Shore” days because the place is still operating! The team works in Lecca-Lecca Gelato Caffe during the season, one of the cast members’ favorite hangouts, however, it has closed. Additionally broken is the BED Nightclub. Other places including Tantra Restaurant and Lounge, where Ramona works for the season, and Klutch, Mi-Vl, Felt, Vinyl& Kai (where Ron and Sammi argue in episode four) are also shuttered. You can still go to Club Space, the bar where Snooki gets into a physical altercation and The Situation aggravates matters.

The trendy restaurant can be found in Miami at 34 North East 11th Street. The Dream Nightclub, where Angelina spends her final moments with the company before departing again, is also shuttered. The former address of the nightclub in Miami was 1532 Washington Avenue. The group also went to the Cyber Caffe, a well-known internet café in Miami Beach that is situated at 1574 Washington Avenue. The famed anonymous note was written by Snooki and JWoww in the cafe. While Ocean’s Ten is still open, the XO Hookah Bar & Lounge is no longer operating at 960 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. Tiramesu, Grazie Italian Cuisine, Funky Sexy Couture, Captive Sun, and Xtreme Gym are just a few of the places from the season that are no longer in operation as date sites or other places. The site where the cast and crew used to take their filthy garments was Wash Club South Beach.

The South Beach neighborhood’s 510 Washington Avenue is where you can find the laundromat. Snooki and JWoww get their regular manicures and pedicures at Blush Nail Salon, which is located at 1433 Alton Road in Miami Beach. Laurenzo’s Italian Market and Cafe, which was formerly situated at 16385 West Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach, has sadly shut down. The team’s season-long supply of groceries is obtained from here. However, the girls’ favorite sushi restaurant, Moshi Moshi South Beach, is still open for business. The charming little restaurant may be found in Miami Beach at 1448 Washington Avenue. The News Cafe, where the team has lunch, also welcomes patrons. The cafe is located in Miami Beach at 800 Ocean Drive. The group frequented the city’s La Locanda restaurant bar pizzeria, a tiny trattoria that serves Italian food. In Miami Beach, the restaurant can be found at 419 Washington Avenue.

Italy’s Florence

Where Was Jersey Shore Filmed- - Italy - Pauly, Vinny and Ronnie in Piazza del Duomo

In season 4, the cast travels to Italy and reconnects with their Italian heritage. However, the cast and crew’s time spent filming in the bustling historical city of Florence nearly turned out disastrously. First, the team was forbidden from recording the group drinking in public or in places that served alcohol by Florence’s mayor, Matteo Renzi. Additionally, they had to settle for taking only outside shots when filming scenes in historic structures. As a result, the ensemble spends a lot of the season strolling the streets. Since there weren’t many places with outside spaces where they could film, finding the team’s pad proved to be challenging as well. Finally, the filmmaking crew bought an Italian bank and undertook extensive changes. In the bank, there was no terrace. As a result, the crew decided to construct one using scaffolding from the bank.