We Own This City: Who Is Aaron Anderson and Where Is He Now?

Where is Aaron Anderson Now
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Where is Aaron Anderson Now? Let’s find him. ‘We Own This City‘ is a fictionalised account of the circumstances that led to the exposure of police corruption in Baltimore. The series, based on Justin Fenton’s nonfiction book of the same name, focuses on the operations of officers in the Boston Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

A different inquiry leads Harford County police to a drug ring, which leads to the discovery of the corruption ring. Aaron Anderson is a major figure in the drug trafficking ring, and viewers must be interested in learning more about him. Here are the answers to your questions about Aaron Anderson, including whether or not he is based on a real person.

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Who Is Aaron Anderson
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Aaron Anderson: Who Is He?

Aaron Anderson first appears in the ‘We Own This City‘ series premiere episode, titled ‘Chapter One.’ Detective David McDougall of the Harford County Narcotics Task Force and his team are looking into a string of drug overdoses in Hardford County and the surrounding areas.

Their investigation leads them to a heroin distribution network that operates in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Harford County. Aaron Anderson is identified as a suspect with ties to the narcotics ring after an initial investigation.

The police, on the other hand, do not have a photo or identification of the individual that could help them continue their investigation. McDougall’s team follows Anderson’s travels after discovering a photograph of him. Later, the cops set up a GPS device under Anderson’s car to track his two known locations.

Anderson is ambushed and apprehended by McDougall and his gang. However, upon removing Anderson’s GPS device from his car, the cops discover another GPS tracker, raising suspicions about the situation.

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Is Aaron Anderson a Real-Life Person or a Fictitious Character?

Aaron Anderson is based on a real person in the series ‘We Own This City.’ The persona is based on a real-life drug dealer who goes by the same name. Anderson went by the alias “Black” on the streets of Baltimore, where he peddled heroin near the Alameda Shopping Center. Detective David McDougall identified Anderson as “Black” after some inquiry and used GPS to hunt him down.

Following Anderson’s arrest, authorities discovered evidence indicating that the Baltimore Police Department was involved in a local drug ring. Anderson was determined to be a rival dealer to Antonio Shropshire and his narcotics crew after a series of phone taps. Shropshire would allegedly distribute drugs under the protection of BPD officer Momodu Gondo, according to sources. As a result of Anderson’s arrest, the FBI was able to uncover corruption inside the BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force.

Outside of his role in the case, however, little is known about Aaron Anderson. He was charged with possessing heroin with the purpose to distribute, conspiring to distribute at least one kg of heroin, and firearm violations. Anderson is said to have admitted to dealing heroin. Anderson is believed to have been convicted of the allegations levelled against him and is currently incarcerated.

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