Race To Survive: Alaska – Who is Professional Climber Favia Dubyk?

Professional Climber Favia Dubyk

Who is Professional Climber Favia Dubyk? – A new reality TV show entitled “Race to Survive Alaska” recently debuted. This competition pits eight teams against each other as they attempt to traverse over 100 miles of the Alaskan wilderness with only basic supplies and equipment – with the ultimate prize being $500,000. The winning team will receive $500,000.

Favia Dubyk, a 34-year-old rock climber and doctor from New Mexico, has an incredible story. At 24, she was diagnosed with cancer but bravely battled through it to come out on top. Through rock climbing, she met Genevive Walker, 33, at a festival, and now she’s invited her to join her on the show! It will be fascinating to see how they compete and any challenges they will encounter together.

Who is Favia Dubyk?

Favia Dubyk is a renowned professional rock climber and cancer survivor from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She achieved notoriety after appearing on the 2023 season of the USA Network TV show “Race to Survive: Alaska” alongside her friend Genevive Walker. At 34 years old, Favia was born in Albuquerque before moving to Colorado at age 9.

Favia’s academic background is impressive, having earned a BA in Environmental Science and Public Policy from Harvard University, followed by a Master of Science from Columbia University, and eventually her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. After working as a pathology resident since 2016, she then went on to become a fellow in Hematopathology at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. Furthermore, in 2020 Favia opened her own clinic and became Kinesio Tape spokesperson, eventually becoming CEO of Dr. Favia’s Diagnostic Education Clinic in Albuquerque.

Favia was diagnosed with cancer at 24 during her medical studies, yet she persevered and continued. Today she is married and a proud rescue dog owner, as stated in her website bio. Despite its difficult course, Favia continued her fight even after experiencing breathing and swallowing difficulties due to SVC syndrome – making a recovery all the more challenging.

Favia had to undergo a biopsy during her time on “Race to Survive: Alaska” due to the size of the lump (11 cm) in her body, which caused her to break out in hives from an allergy to contrast used during a CT scan. Despite all these difficulties, Favia remains an inspiring role model demonstrating that you can overcome any obstacle life throws at you with determination and hard work.

You can stream “Race To Survive: Alaska” episodes on USA Network.

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