Who Plays ‘Sangman’ in Korean Crime Drama “Narco-Saints”?

Who Plays Sangman in Narco-Saints

Who Plays Sangman in Korean Crime Drama “Narco-Saints”? Is the Actor in Squid Game? – Yoon Jong-bin is the director and co-writer of the South Korean streaming television series Narco-Saints, which stars Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-soo, Jo Woo-jin, and Yoo Yeon-Seok. Based on actual events, the show portrays a regular businessman. He is forced to risk his life by assisting government authorities on a covert mission to apprehend a Korean drug lord operating in Suriname. On Netflix, it became available on September 9, 2022.

The dangerous trip of Kang In-gu (Ha Jung-woo), a civilian merchant who is forced to assist the National Intelligence Service in their covert effort to apprehend Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min), the Korean drug king who has taken over Suriname.

Kang collaborates closely with Sangman, another drug dealer, to entice Jeon. Viewers must therefore be curious about Sangman and his motives. Fans of K-dramas will also recognise the actor performing the part. Here is everything you need to know about Sangman from “Narco-Saints” if you’re looking for answers!

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Who Plays as Sangman in Narco-Saints

Who Plays Sangman in “Narco-Saints” TV Series?

In the scheme to export cocaine from Suriname to South Korea and other Asian markets, Sangman is Kang’s accomplice. The name is merely a fictitious identity created by NIS agent Choi Chang-ho to seduce Jeon, the head of the local cartel and drug lord in Suriname, into a trap. Kang gets detained for smuggling after cocaine is discovered in his shipment of skatefish. Arriving to assist Kang, Chang-ho reveals that Pastor Jeon is not just any pastor, but rather a local drug boss.

Chang-ho, therefore, asks Kang for assistance in deceiving Jeon and capturing him. The two intend to distribute Colombian cocaine to the Asian market, so Chang-ho assumes the identity of Sangman, a wealthy Korean. Sangman is the fictitious character Jeon strikes a bargain with, ultimately leading to his demise. In the show, actor Park Hae-soo plays Choi Chang-ho, also known as Sangman.

Is Park Hae-soo in Squid Game

Park Hae-soo Biography: Is He in ‘Squid Game’?

Actor Park Hae-soo is from South Korea. He is well-known for his lead performances in the television series Money Heist: KoreaSquid Game, and Prison Playbook (2017–2018). He has also acted in movies like Time to Hunt (2020), Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, and By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture (2019).

Park wed his sweetheart in a ceremony that took place in Seoul on January 14, 2019. His agency confirmed the birth of a son by Park’s wife on September 29, 2021.

With Mister Lobby, Park made his musical theatre debut in 2007. He also made cameos in other musicals like Annapurna and Angel Called Desire.

He made a strong impression in his starring part in the drama series Prison Playbook in 2017, and The Seoul Awards named him Best New Actor.

After playing Cho Sang-woo in the South Korean television series Squid Game in 2021, Park became well-known worldwide. In just one day, he gained more than 800,000 Instagram followers. Later that year, in the Korean adaptation of the Spanish crime drama Money Heist, Park was cast as Berlin.

Park got a contract with the American talent agency UTA in July 2022. He has a deal with BH Entertainment in Korea.

However, the actor gained notoriety for playing Kim Je-hyuk, the series’ central character, in the crime comedy “Prison Playbook.” After becoming well-known in his home country, Park attained international acclaim for his portrayal of the cool, shrewd, and methodical Cho Sang-woo in the popular thriller series “Squid Game” made by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series accelerated Kang’s rise to fame, which became one of Netflix’s most popular offerings.

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