Hulu’s “Love, Victor”: Why Do Victor and Benji End Up Together?

Why Do Victor and Benji Break Up in Love, Victor

Why Do Victor and Benji Break Up in Love, Victor? –┬áThe adorable bond between Victor Salazar and Benji Campbell is one of the centerpieces of Hulu’s teen program ‘Love, Victor.’ When Victor tells his family and friends that he is gay, Benji offers his support. Benji becomes Victor’s safe haven when his parents and basketball teammates make his life difficult.

The 3rd season, on the other hand, sees Benji break up with Victor. Victor had no choice but to accept Benji’s request and move on to Nicholas, AKA Nick, with whom he begins a sexual connection. But why did Victor and Benji end their relationship? Let’s see what we can find out!

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Why Do Victor and Benji Break Up

Why did Victor and Benji End Their Relationship?

Victor’s parents, Armando and Isabel Salazar, do not embrace him right away when he comes out as gay. When Victor and Benji are together, Isabel becomes hostile because she doesn’t want Adrian to know that his older brother is gay. Isabel’s inability to accept her son’s sexuality has a significant impact on Benji. When Benji is unable to endure Isabel, he yells at her. He takes solace in the drink after the incident. His increased alcohol use is a result of the problems in his relationship with Victor.

Benji returns to a dark phase after taking alcohol on a regular basis, despite being sober for a period of time. The sight of Victor and Rahim dancing at Harold Brooks and Veronica’s wedding encourages him to drink once more. Despite Victor’s declaration that he wants to be with Benji, their relationship grows more tumultuous, with Benji’s rising alcoholic intake as a result. When Benji recognizes that he can’t deal with both his relationship with Victor and his drinking at the same time, he chooses to focus on the latter.

Benji begins to suspect Victor of being an emotional trigger for him. Because a relationship can’t exist without issues and disagreements, Benji decides to leave his relationship with Victor because he lacks the confidence and strength to face them while continuing his rehabilitation programs.

He doesn’t want any worries about Victor to bring him back to drinking, as he works hard to stay away from it. He breaks up with Victor after telling him that he needs to work on himself first, which he can only do if he stays away from Victor and the triggers that come with him.

When Victor experiences rejection from his parents, especially Isabel, Benji lacks the mental stamina to maintain himself and Victor. He also believes that if his relationship with Victor continues to hold him back, he will not be able to go to treatment calmly. Above all, he is afraid of sliding off the waggon if something related to Victor bothers him. Benji determines that he “has” to break up with Victor after contemplating these facts, even if he doesn’t “want” to be apart from him.

Although Benji’s decision leads Victor to Nick, he does not permanently lose Victor. Victor quickly discovers that he hasn’t moved on from Benji, prompting Nick to remain out of the way of the former pair. Victor expresses his desire to stay with Benji as he prepares to leave for Connecticut to attend a boarding school.

Victor cannot be entirely blamed for his alcoholism; Benji understands because it began with his parents. He chooses to reunite with Victor at the carnival in order to give their relationship a fresh start and put a stop to their estrangement.

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