Boo, Bitch: Why Does Everyone Call Erika as “Helen Who”?

Why Is Erika Called Helen Who by Everyone
Boo, Bitch. Lana Condor as Erika in episode 101 of Boo, Bitch. Cr. Erik Voake/Netflix © 2022

Why Does Everyone Call Erika as “Helen Who”? Let’s find out. – Boo, Bitch“, an eight-part Netflix limited series that is occasionally sharp but generally uneven, appeals to a cherished but frequently underappreciated tradition: the sitcom in which supernatural elements (such as time travel, foresight, and magic powers) underscore the struggles of being a teenage girl. Erika Vu, a shy, studious senior played by Lana Condor, is inspired by playfully occult protagonists in irreverent shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Wizards of Waverly Place, That’s So Raven, and, more seriously and successfully, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She becomes a ghost after being crushed by a moose on the night of her first high school party. The show’s candy-colored aesthetic and jittery energy make me think of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, and the clothes resemble a gloriously deranged interpretation of TV adolescent style from the middle of the aughts.

The majority of students identify Erika as “Helen Who”, it is revealed. It has remained the same despite her numerous tries. Here is all the information you require.

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Why Does Everyone Call Erika, Helen Who, in Boo, Bitch

Why Does Everyone Call Erika as “Helen Who”?

All of this began when Erika, Gia, and the rest of their high school friends were freshmen, four years prior. Erika, like many of her peers, had great expectations for high school. She turned abruptly while using the phone to take a picture for her ID, hitting Riley Bhatia (Aparna Brielle) in the nose. Then there was a lot of shouting and some bleeding. One of Riley’s friends claimed that Riley had undergone a transformation over the summer and accused Erika of ruining her as she made an attempt to apologize.

Riley approached Erika later as she was attempting to remove the blood off her shirt and informed her that she was a joke, pledging that she would never forget what had happened. Erika, who was in shock, made another apology attempt while claiming that it was an accident. Erika was warned by Riley to become invisible or she would do it for her, but Riley wouldn’t budge.

When it was time to take her ID photo, Erika ran into Jake C. (Mason Versaw), who admired the bloodied unicorn horn on her clothing and made her blush. Right behind them, Riley could be seen. She was much more furious after hearing this. Jake C. made an introduction and enquired about Erika’s name. Erika’s mouth opened, but nothing but a muffled sound came out. Helen, Jake C. believed her to be saying.

The photographer questioned ‘Helen Who’ as soon as he spoke out loud, “Helen.” Riley rushed in at this point and said that Erika’s name was Helen Who. Despite Erika’s attempts to change the name every year, it persisted. The final straw is when she learns that she is listed as “Helen Who” even in the yearbook. She had been content up to that point to let her high school years pass her by. She understands that Riley paralyzed her four years ago, and she has been paralyzed ever since.

Erika and Gia believe that this is their last chance to create unforgettable memories with 60 days left until graduation. In order for Erika Vu to live, Erika says that ‘Helen Who’ must perish.

Later, Erika learns that Jake C. has known her real name all along. The truck and moose events occur right as everything starts to go according to plan. Erika, who thinks she has passed on, ironically discovers a new purpose in life.

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