Will Jules & Rue Reunite in Euphoria Season 2? Why Did They End Their Relationship?

Are Rue and Jules Back Together in Euphoria

The second season of HBO MaxEuphoria‘ places viewers in the company of some of the most complex youngsters who are involved in tumultuous interpersonal interactions.

The relationship between Rue and Jules is central to the show, and the season 2 premiere brings the two fan favourites together in a dramatic way.

However, the duo’s turbulent relationship and indecisiveness in confronting their feelings have made fans weary of setting their expectations too high when it comes to Rue and Jules’ long-term future together.

In ‘Euphoria’ season 2 episode 1, we discover about Rue and Jules’ ever-evolving romance!


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Rue and Jules Euphoria Break Up

Why Did Rue and Jules End Their Relationship?

Rue and Jules’ friendship begins when they meet and become friends right away. They both realise they are special to each other over time and begin to consider the prospect of being more than friends.

Rue’s anxieties and addiction are helped by Jules’ presence. In Jules’ presence, Rue’s condition improves, and she becomes more hopeful about life. Being the reason for Rue’s sobriety, on the other hand, gradually becomes too much for Jules, who is dealing with her own psychiatric troubles.

Jules confesses her love for Rue in the season one finale. She does, however, have feelings for Anna, a fling she had while out of town.

Jules and Rue decide to leave the city and travel to the train station, feeling that they only need each other’s companionship.

Rue, on the other hand, starts to think about her mother and sister. In the end, she decides not to leave while Jules boards the train. Jules discloses to her therapist in the bridge episode ‘Fuck Anyone Who Isn’t a Sea Blob,’ that she felt burdened with being the reason for Rue’s recovery.

She also admits that she isn’t attracted to males anymore. Rue encounters Jules at the end of the episode but leaves before they can talk and smooth things out.

Because Rue and Jules were never a couple, it’s probably best not to refer to their split as a breakup.

Rue and Jules Love in Euphoria

Are Rue and Jules Together in Euphoria Season 2?

Jules and Rue both wind up at a New Year’s party in the second season premiere of ‘Euphoria.’ While Rue tries to conceal herself, Jules spends the whole of the episode looking for her.

Rue refers to Jules as her old girlfriend in the episode and understands that she should have been more forthright about her romantic sentiments.

When Jules comes across Rue, the latter tells her to go. Jules inquires as to when Rue relapsed, and Rue reveals that it was shortly after Jules had left. Rue, on the other hand, approaches Jules afterwards and apologises.

Rue expresses her desire to be with Jules, and the two exchange kisses. Fezco’s attack on Nate, however, interrupts the romantic moment between Rue and Jules.

It’s worth noting that Rue is quite high during her talk with Jules. The music, mixed with Rue’s drug use, creates a setting that is reminiscent of Rue’s previous blissful trances.

As a result, Rue may have imagined the entire dialogue. When the brawl is broken up, Rue and Jules are standing together, clearly confirming that their talk and kiss took place.

The dramatic reunion of Rue and Jules in this episode will no doubt satisfy Rules fans. It’s safe to say that Jules and Rue have reconciled, at least for the time being.

However, given their complex psychological challenges, Jules and Rue have a lot to figure out before they can fully embrace their affections for each other.