Will There be Barracuda Queens Season 2 on Netflix?

Will There be Barracuda Queens Season 2 on Netflix

Barracuda Queens Season 2 – Barracuda Queens has quickly become one of the most-watched crime drama series on Netflix. Although Season 1 consists of only six episodes, making it easy to watch, viewers who completed Season 1 may be curious about the possibility of another season. We have all the available information regarding a potential second installment.

Barracuda Queens is an original Swedish Netflix production inspired by true events. The series is set in 1995 and follows five privileged teens from Djursholm who engage in a series of burglaries against their wealthier neighbors.

The show’s five main characters, played by Alva Bratt as Lollo, Tindra Monsen as Klara, Sandra Zubovic as Frida, Tea Stjarne as Mia, and Sarah Gustafsson as Amina, bring the story to life. They are supported by a talented ensemble cast, including Carsten Bjornlund, Izabella Scorupco, Max Ulveson, Johannes Kuhnke, and Mirja Turestedt, among many others.

As the plot unfolds, the girls’ motivations shift towards seeking revenge against those who have wronged them, sparking conversations around issues of exploitation and emancipation. Surprisingly, the burglaries continue even after the stolen money is returned. This has led to some critics expressing reservations rather than praise for Barracuda Queens’ unique concept, compelling execution, and visually appealing aesthetics. However, since its debut, the series has garnered mostly positive reviews and reactions, praising its unique concept, compelling execution, and visually appealing aesthetics. Some critics have expressed more cautious opinions than their peers, but overall, the response has been positive.

If you’re curious about the future of Barracuda Queens and whether there will be another season, we have your answers.

Barracuda Queens Season 2 Release Date

Barracuda Queens Season 2 Release Date

“Barracuda Queens” premiered on Netflix on June 5, 2023, with its first episode of Season 1. Each season comprises six episodes ranging from 31 to 35 minutes in duration. Here’s what is currently known about Season 2:

There has been no official word from Fatima Varhos and Frida Asp or Netflix about renewing “Barracuda Queens” for another season. In 2021, Varhos and Asp left the FLX production firm and created their independent production company, Asp Varhos.

Varhos described their new venture, Awake Entertainment, as a boutique company focused on producing high-quality projects across genres, formats, and budgets. Ahlgren, a production team member, further explained their aim to produce entertaining and innovative content while simultaneously reflecting contemporary events through the lives of five intelligent upper-class girls from Djursholm.

With their careful approach to selecting projects, the chances of “Barracuda Queens” being renewed for another season appear promising. Lollo and her friends, suspected of involvement in an extensive burglary spree, face jail time during police interrogation. Klara and Frida are fortunate when a gang of male burglars attempts to enter their home. At the same time, their father is present, only for the police to immediately intervene, capture, and imprison the male bandits responsible for all the crimes committed by the Barracuda Queens. Unfortunately, authorities could not recover all of the stolen items during the failed raid. This leads to the release of Lollo and Margareta (Izabella Scorupco). Margareta quickly helps them by giving Lollo money and aiding Lollo’s daughter’s escape from jail.

Barracuda Queens draws inspiration from a real-life all-male gang, the Lidingoligan, which operated from 1986 until 2012. A second season could explore the characters’ transition into young adulthood as they develop deeper relationships. It could expand on Amina and Lollo’s hint at romance following their brief kiss in Season 1 or further explore Amina’s connection to Calle (Max Ulveson), who lives next door to them. However, the renewal ultimately depends on the ratings achieved during Season One. If “Barracuda Queens” is renewed in September or later, the second season will likely premiere sometime in 2025.

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