‘Windfall’ (2022) Movie Review And Ending Explained

Windfall Ending, Explained Why Does the Wife Kill

In Charlie McDowell’s indie home invasion film ‘Windfall,’ nothing goes as planned. Nobody, a burglar, has broken into the holiday home of a teach industry billionaire in search of the hidden cache.

Meanwhile, the CEO and his wife arrive at the chalet for a spontaneous retreat. Nobody is about to flee after taking the CEO’s pricey Rolex watch.

The issue occurs when the Wife discovers Nobody, and he is unable to allow them to depart. The boastful CEO reveals his hidden treasure, but no one notices that with a little more effort, he can squeeze out even more.

Nobody is a thief of principles in essence, but Nobody hesitates to unleash hell with a pistol in his hand. He doesn’t appear to be a serial killer, though.

Windfall‘ implies that no one is a criminal until circumstances force them to be. The picture, which was made on a low budget, generates an intriguing environment with the help of a strong cast and a tight storyline.

However, you might be curious in what happens in the shocking last minutes. Let us enjoy in such a case.


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'Windfall' (2022) Movie Plot Synopsis

‘Windfall’ (2022) Movie Plot Synopsis

At a vacation home in the middle of an orange orchard, a burglar (called as Nobody) appears to be having an excellent time. He has a restroom accident, breaks a glass, and relaxes by the pool.

He discovers an expensive Rolex watch and a revolver after searching the cupboard and drawers. Meanwhile, the arrogant CEO, who also happens to be the property owner, arrives at the location with his wife, expecting to spend some time alone.

The CEO and his wife go through the front entrance when Nobody is looking for money in the office.

The CEO bemoans the lack of flowers, despite the fact that he specifically requested some floral decor from April, his assistant. The Wife sees Nobody while investigating the house, and the storey takes a turn to the south from there.

The CEO tries to make things better by offering to reward Nobody with a hidden stockpile in the kitchen. The burglary is a blip on the rich businessman’s radar, and he is eager to assist the man.

Nobody makes a run with ten to fifteen thousand dollars in cash, a watch, and jewellery in his pocket. Nobody can trust the CEO and his wife, even if they pledge to cooperate. As a result, they are locked in the sauna. Nobody goes to his car, but he finds a surveillance camera just in time.

The CEO and Wife had escaped their captivity by the time he returned to the residence (since Nobody forgot to lock the sauna door). While the CEO asks his Wife to seduce Nobody, Nobody knows that he can get more from the billionaire. The tale veers even more off the cliff with the appearance of the Gardener.

Windfall Movie Ending

Ending of ‘Windfall’ Movie: Why the Wife Killed ‘Nobody’?

Nobody appears to be someone who would harm a fly. However, life seemed to have surrounded him in such a way that he would be desperate enough to commit the robbery.

Nobody works for one of the several companies that the CEO controls, the CEO deduces. Nobody confirms the CEO’s suspicions at the end of the story – he was possibly an employee who was laid off under duress. Nobody almost pulls off the robbery with enough calm and poise.

Nobody chooses half a million as the ransom money after the CEO and Nobody agree on a number. Debbie, the CEO’s ex-partner (for lack of a better phrase), appears to have had a similar issue.

As a result, April, the CEO’s assistant, gathers the funds on such short notice. Meanwhile, the CEO asks the Wife to seduce Nobody as a means of escape.

Except for an increasing level of hatred in the Wife’s head for the CEO, the seduction is ineffective. The Wife’s erased tattoo on her foot has piqued no one’s interest.

On the second day, the money arrives late. Nobody tries to exit the scene with the money, and the CEO and his wife remain seated.

The Wife tells Nobody that she has a rose tattoo on her foot and that she loves it. Her demanding spouse, according to the theory, forced her to remove the tattoo.

Nobody, on the other hand, gives a damn. He even goes so far as to come up to the CEO and reveal that his wife was carrying birth control tablets in her purse. The Wife has cheated on the CEO, according to Nobody’s interpretation of the scenario.

While the Wife’s contempt for her husband is evident, the birth control pills in her luggage do not automatically make her a cheater. Maybe she wants to leave her husband and flee with Nobody, which would give her independence and possibly a half-million dollar pay cut.

Nobody wants to keep it all for themselves, but the Wife has a shard of glass from the Gardener’s mishap. She breaks away, grabs up the strange-looking showcase, and slams it on Nobody’s head till he dies. No one is certain to die, but what about the CEO?

Is the CEO no longer alive? Why does his wife murder him?

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Windfall Movie Ending

‘Windfall’ Ending Explained: Why Does the Wife Kill CEO?

The Wife returns to the room after killing Nobody in cold blood, walking to the kitchen, where her husband is still bound. The CEO is overjoyed with his Wife’s accomplishment because he had not expected the supposedly sympathetic Wife to commit murder.

The CEO now expects his wife to untie him so that they can return home cheerfully. However, he is in for a final surprise. The gun is pointed at him by the Wife.

The Wife fires three bullets into the CEO as he says, “Are you going to shoot me?” We previously assumed that no one would target the CEO, but the unexpected turn of events leaves us speechless.

The CEO has a tyrannical and manipulative personality. He appears to be peaceful at first, but he plays a significant role in the story’s development. The CEO’s wife has only one identity while she is with him: the “Wife.”

She may also despise Debbie’s absence because she has had to deal with comparisons. The CEO tells his assistant that they are in a “Debbie” scenario while asking for money.

Furthermore, she feels transformed during her marriage, always submissive to her husband’s whims. The rose tattoo could be a sign of her letting go of her past. Nobody, however, reminds her that she has signed a pact.

Throughout the storey, she notices the gendered image and expresses her dissatisfaction with women being victims in comparable movies. As a result, she reclaims control of the narrative and emerges as the final assassin.

In the process of the Wife’s self-discovery, the CEO dies, and the Wife makes it appear as if Nobody did it.

The Wife walks out into the darkness with the money, having followed all the leads. She’s finally free of men’s grasp, whether it’s a nagging husband or a thief with trust difficulties.

However, when darkness falls over her vision, we are wondering if she will be able to flee the cops and reach safety. Nobody’s death has gone unnoticed.

As a result, there’s still a chance the cops may find her, especially because her fingerprints are all over the ivory showcase. We believe that since she has all of the money, she may travel to another nation.

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