Yellowstone Season 4 Episode Guide: Release Dates | Promos | Find Out Where To Watch Yellowstone Season 4 Online


The premiere of Yellowstone’s 4th season is just around the corner. The Dutton family saga will be continued in the Kevin Costner-led series.

Several regulars return to Season 4’s star-studded lineup. Kavin Costner will reprise his role as John Dutton.

The returning Dutton family members are Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton), Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton), and Breckin Merrill (Tate Dutton).

Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers curious as to who died. John’s survival is the main issue after he was shot and left for dead in the middle of Montana.

As the new season approaches, fans may learn how to watch Yellowstone season 4 without cable below.

The first episode of Yellowstone Season 4 has been released, and the title has been revealed.

During this time, it’s tough to find new releases. Yellowstone is a tremendous hit on the Paramount Network, so it’s natural to believe it’ll be available on Paramount+, the company’s own streaming service.

However, this is not the case. So you’d think Season 4 episodes would be accessible the next day on Peacock. However, this is not the case.

The options for watching Yellowstone Season 4 live can be confusing, so we’ve put together a short, easy-to-read guide.

Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date

Season 4 of Yellowstone premieres on the Paramount Network on November 7th at 8/7c. From 8:21 to 10:21 p.m. ET, Episodes 1 and 2 will air back-to-back, with encores at 10:21 and 12:42 a.m.

Is Yellowstone Season 4 on Paramount+ or Peacock?

The answer is NO if you skipped the introduction. Yellowstone, on the other hand, will not be airing Season 4 episodes on its own streaming service or on Peacock, the NBCUniversal site where Seasons 1 through 3 are available. Yellowstone Season 4 is available on Paramount+.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode Guide

No. Title  Directed by Written by  Original airdate 
1 “Half the Money” TBA Taylor Sheridan November 7, 2021
2 “Phantom Pain” TBA Taylor Sheridan November 7, 2021
3 “All I See Is You” TBA Taylor Sheridan November 14, 2021
4 “Winning or Learning” TBA Taylor Sheridan TBA
5 “Under a Blanket of Red” TBA Taylor Sheridan TBA
6 “I Want to Be Him” TBA Taylor Sheridan TBA
7 “Keep the Wolves Close” TBA Taylor Sheridan TBA
8 “No Kindness for the Coward” TBA Taylor Sheridan TBA
9 “No Such Thing as Fair” TBA Taylor Sheridan TBA
10 “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops” TBA Taylor Sheridan TBA

Yellowstone Season 4 Promos / Trailers / Sneak Peek

Is Yellowstone Season 4 available to watch online?

Yes, but it will set you back more than the standard subscription charge for a streaming service.

There are two methods to watch Yellowstone Season 4 online: Have a cable subscription.

If you have cable, you may watch Yellowstone live on the Paramount Network app or website. Click here to save yourself a search.

A service that allows you to watch live TV online. If you have a streaming subscription with a Live TV add-on, you may be able to watch Paramount Network.

Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, DIRECTV STREAM, Philo & fuboTV are among them. Sling is offering a free sample of Paramount Network from November 7 to November 14, so Yellowstone fans can watch the season premiere for free.

Yellowstone Season 4 Streaming Services

Yes, and if you don’t have cable, this is the simplest and most affordable way to watch the fascinating series in its entirety.

On Amazon and Apple, the entire season is $19.99. You may purchase the entire series and receive new episodes as they air on television.

Although watching it on a streaming service is preferable, it is the simplest and most convenient way to keep up with the Duttons.

According to Nielson, the top time-shifted programme of 2020 is Fans of the Yellowstone Universe have been begging for more, and their wish may be granted shortly.

On Paramount+, Y: 1883 and 6666 will be available. Taylor Sheridan, who also co-created Yellowstone, is the creator of both series.