‘365 Days: This Day’ (2022) Movie Review and Ending Explained

'365 Days This Day' (2022) Movie Review and Ending Explained

‘365 Days: This Day’ Ending, Explained and Review – 365 Days: This Day has the potential to be Netflix’s most important sequel. When 365 Days – dubbed “the Polish 50 Shades of Grey” by fans – became a surprise hit two years ago, the streaming service swiftly ordered two more, ensuring that the sequel would be the Empire Strikes Back of erotic-dramatic quasi-pornographic Polish-Italian rough-sex pictures.

To summarise the saga’s first chapter: Don Massimo (Michele Morrone), an Italian mafia leader, was obsessed with mild-mannered smoking-hot Polish gal Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), so he abducted her and told her she had 365 days to fall in love with him or he’d set her free. Massimo had a very big hog and understood how to use it, so the Stockholm syndrome was not too bad, and they became a happy couple.

Laura and Massimo have returned, and they’re better than ever. The lovers’ lives are complicated, however, by Massimo’s familial ties and a mysterious guy competing for Laura’s heart.

365 Days‘ garnered enormous condemnation for glorifying sexual brutality and mob life, but it was a hugely popular picture. The directors of the sequel, ‘365 Days: This Day,’ appear to have decided to dismiss the reviewers’ criticisms and adhere to what succeeded commercially in the first film. The two films are based on the first two books in the ‘365 dni’ trilogy by Polish novelist Blanka Lipinska.

Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone), the heir of a strong Sicilian mafia family, sees Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) on the day his father is murdered and becomes enamoured with her in the first film. He has her kidnapped by his subordinates. Massimo then tells her that he intends to hold her captive for a year in order for her to fall in love with him. Laura does, in the end. She becomes pregnant as well.

On the eve of Laura and Massimo’s wedding, the sequel begins. However, the relationship has difficulties after Laura suspects Massimo of cheating on her. Here’s all you need to know about ‘365 Days: This Day’s‘ conclusion.

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'365 Days This Day' (2022) Movie Review

‘365 Days: This Day’ (2022) Movie Plot Synopsis

‘365 Days: This Day’ begins with Laura and Massimo having sex, as one might expect. They’re in their wedding gowns and aren’t supposed to see each other, but one thing these characters can’t be criticised for is following the rules. Laura’s best friend Olga (Magdalena Lamparska) walks in on them after they’ve finished, and there’s a lot of yelling.

Following Massimo’s departure, the girls’ dialogue reveals snatches of what occurred in the tunnel at the end of the first film. Laura made it through the ordeal, but her baby did not. She hasn’t told Massimo yet because she is afraid that a full-fledged mafia war may erupt between competing mafia factions since she knows Massimo will seek vengeance.

Laura begins to feel bored and suffocated in her life as a mob wife once the honeymoon phase has passed. Nacho (Simone Susinna), a man with Spanish ancestry who pretends to be their gardener, appears at this point. Despite their brief discussion, he seems to leave an indelible effect on her.

Laura and Massimo spend the holidays with Laura’s parents, Olga, and Massimo’s coworkers. Massimo has understood that his wife needs to keep herself occupied, so he has purchased a clothes business for her to operate.

After intercourse that night, the two of them talk about family, and Massimo eventually admits that he has a brother. When Laura attempts to elicit further information from him, he practically exits the room. While all of this is going on, Olga and Domenico develop a romance and become engaged.

They organise a party at their house while Laura is still unhappy with Massimo. Laura believes she sees Massimo leaving with Anna (Natasza Urbaska) and decides to follow them. When she eventually locates them, they are having sex in one of her own rooms.

Laura rushes out of her house, enraged and embarrassed, and runs into Nacho, who is preparing to depart for his home. He offers to drive her away, which she gratefully accepts. Laura calls her mother the next morning to inform her that she is leaving Massimo before throwing her phone away.

Nacho shows her around his house, which is a rustic and open environment that Nacho claims belonged to his father. Nacho is quite evasive when Laura inquires about his father. In any case, Laura seemed to be having a good time with Nacho and his hugely pregnant sister Amelia.

Despite the fact that the latter’s situation reminds her of her miscarriage, she develops feelings for her. Laura initiates a relationship with Nacho after believing Massimo has deceived her and desiring to move on. Massimo, on the other hand, uses the full force of his organisation to track down his wife.

365 Days Part 2

Is Laura Dead at the End of the Movie ‘365 Days: This Day’?

It is subsequently discovered that the man Laura observed with Anna was actually Adriano, Massimo’s identical twin brother. Adriano is regarded as a bad egg even in a mob family like theirs. It’s implied that he caused his and Massimo’s father a great deal of anguish. His brother’s connection isn’t any better, though.

Massimo keeps his sibling a secret from his wife. To foment strife in Massimo’s marriage, Adriano teamed up with Anna, who is still enraged that Massimo chose Laura over her. Laura is a gift from God that Adriano never imagined. He understands she is his brother’s lone flaw and intends to take advantage of it.

Nacho is revealed to be the son of Don Fernando Motos, the leader of a mafia branch that has long been at odds with Massimo’s family. Nacho was dispatched by Don Motos to bring Laura to him. What neither he nor Nacho expects is for the latter to fall in love with her. Laura is kidnapped by Adriano and Anna’s men posing as Don Motos in the final scene. They hand her over to Adriano, and Laura recognises right away that this isn’t her husband.

Nacho and Massimo track down Laura after Adriano and Anna kidnap her in the final scene. When Laura tries to flee, Anna shoots her, and Nacho shoots her as well. Massimo pulls the triggers first, catching Adriano on the shoulder as he tries to shoot his brother. Nacho walks away as Massimo cradles his wife’s lifeless body in his arms.

Laura is most likely still alive. ‘Another 365 Days,’ the final instalment of Blanka Lipinska’s trilogy, features Laura as the main character. Because the third film was supposedly shot concurrently with the second, it’s safe to infer that Laura will survive her injuries. Her marriage, on the other hand, is about to hit a rough patch. Massimo and she need to talk about their trust issues and proclivity for making poor decisions.

'365 Days This Day' (2022) Movie Explained

What Happened With Laura’s Unborn Child in ‘365 Days: This Day’ Movie?

During their discussion, Don Motos informs Massimo that he and others have been concerned about Massimo’s quick expansion of his empire. As a result, they decided to cause Laura’s accident, effectively admitting that he and his colleagues are to blame for Massimo’s murder and Laura’s unborn child.

Massimo, on the other hand, is still unaware that Laura was pregnant at the time of the accident at this point in the story. He discovers the truth when Adriano tells him the truth, happily imagining whether the child would have resembled their father or mother.

Laura tries to get to her husband at this point, and Anna shoots her. This most likely establishes the plot for the following film. Laura didn’t tell Massimo about her pregnancy because she was afraid he would seek vengeance, as previously said. Massimo will alter now that he is aware of the loss he has undergone, and the monster he has managed to contain until now will erupt from within him.

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