365 Days: This Day – Did Massimo Cheat on Laura?

Does Massimo Cheat on Laura in 365 Days This Day

Did Massimo Cheat on Laura in ‘365 Days: This Day’ movie? Let’s find out the truth. Given the phenomenal popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise when it initially debuted in theatres in 2015, there’s no wonder that comparable films, including the 365 Days films, would follow in its footsteps. The original 365 Days premiered on Netflix in 2020, and it was a tremendous hit with viewers. 365 Days: This Day, the spicy sequel, is now available on Netflix.

Because the passionate love story between Massimo and Laura has captivated moviegoers, it’s feasible that Netflix will produce a third and fourth film in the future.

365 Days: This Day,’ the cinematic adaptation of the second book in Polish author Blanka Lipiska’s ‘365 Days’ trilogy, is an erotic thriller film. The destiny of the protagonist, Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), was left undetermined at the end of the first movie. Laura survives the collision, but she has a miscarriage, according to the sequel. She hasn’t told Massimo (Michele Morrone) about it yet because she is afraid he may seek revenge on other mob bosses.

The film begins with their wedding, when Laura and Massimo’s relationship is at its peak. However, problems soon arise as a result of his secrets and need to control everything around him, as well as her fears and ennui. Laura decides to leave Massimo after she believes she sees him having sex with his old girlfriend, Anna.

This is everything you need to know if you’re wondering if Massimo really cheats on Laura.

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Did Massimo Cheat on Laura in 365 Days This Day

Did Massimo Cheat on Laura?

The sequel concedes, through Laura, that the two main protagonists’ relationship started out badly. Laura attempts to put everything behind her because she is head over heels in love with Massimo. However, she grows to despise the sedentary lifestyle of a mafia wife.

She was a high-flying career lady before all of this, and she misses those days. Massimo detects this and purchases a clothing store for her. On the same night, though, a new feud arises between them when Massimo reveals that he has a sibling.

Laura asks Massimo for further information, both fascinated and upset that he has never told her about his sibling, but he nearly flees the room. She leaves her home with Nacho, a man she assumes is their gardener, when she suspects Massimo of cheating on her. He is revealed to be the son of one of Massimo’s rival crime bosses later on. Other mafia factions have grown tired of Massimo’s quick expansion of his business and have decided to come together to bring him down.

Laura was Massimo’s main weakness; therefore, these mob factions decided to target her. Laura’s accident was meant to serve as a warning to Massimo, but he was so secure in his own authority that he ignored it.

As a result, they attempted to replace Massimo with Adriano, his identical twin. He’s the one Laura saw with Anna. Laura would have known that this wasn’t her husband if she had been standing closer to him than she was (as she does later in the film).

Adriano is a tumultuous, self-destructive, and inept individual. His father saw him for who he was, so he left his entire business to Massimo, who looks after his brother’s financial requirements while keeping him out of his business. Adriano is dissatisfied with the current situation.

As a result, he joined forces with Anna, who has her own beef with Massimo and Laura. They devised their own strategy and dispatched one of their guys to pick Laura up when she left her house, but she stayed with Nacho. Massimo didn’t cheat on Laura, as far as we know. Adriano was the person she saw with Anna.

Is Laura Dead in 365 Days This Day

At the end of ‘365 Days: This Day’ Movie, Is Laura Dead?

Even though we know Massimo didn’t truly cheat on Laura, 365 Days: This Day nevertheless ends on one of the most bizarre cliffhangers ever. No one could have predicted that this movie would finish with a shootout, yet that is exactly what happened.

Adriano and Anna carry out their vengeance plan by abducting Laura. Massimo enlists the assistance of his gardener Nacho to reclaim her. While Laura is attempting to flee on her own, Anna fires a gun at her.

It’s upsetting to see the main lady get shot, but it’s clear that Anna’s rage was enough to drive her to do something so horrible. Massimo is left to care for Laura, who is bleeding profusely on the floor.

Laura may or may not survive the shooting, which is unfortunate for viewers. We’ll surely need a third film to resolve any remaining questions because the film finishes on such a massive cliffhanger.

Both 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day are currently available to watch on Netflix.