Alex Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian, and Sonia Acevedo: Where Are They Now?

Where Are Alex Miller Now

When Jamison Bachman was arrested for his brother’s murder, Alex Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian, and Sonia Acevedo breathed a sigh of relief.

After renting to Jamison, all three homeowners were harassed, threatened, and even assaulted by him.

Worst Roommate Ever: Roommate Wanted,’ a Netflix original series, chronicles Jamison’s harrowing experiences and demonstrates how, using his legal knowledge, he became a serial squatter – a nightmare for homeowners.

If you’re curious about this case and want to know where Alex, Arleen, and Sonia are right now, we’ve got you covered.

Where Is Alex Miller

Alex Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian, and Sonia Acevedo: Who Are They?

When Arleen Hairbaedian first encountered Jamison at a local park in Queens, New York, she was living alone.

He appeared to be nice, and the two quickly developed a romantic relationship. They were initially very happy, and Jamison even became Arleen’s tenant when he rented a room in her apartment.

However, things quickly deteriorated, and the couple soon found themselves arguing over trivial matters. The situation became even worse when Jamison refused to pay the rent or the power bill, instead of filing one complaint after another with Arleen’s landlord.

According to the show, the fights got physical, and Jamison threatened Arleen and her landlord with legal action if they tried to evict him.

Arleen and Jamison eventually filed restraining orders against each other, and the homeowner phoned the cops in a frantic attempt to remove him off her land.

However, as the authorities arrived, the episode revealed that Jamison had lied about Arleen physically assaulting him, forcing her to flee her house.

With Arleen no longer in Jamison’s life, the serial squatter went looking for his next victim, and in 2012, he discovered Sonia Acevedo.

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Sonia Acevedo

Jamison approached Sonia, who also lived in Queens, with the intention of becoming her renter. Sonia was completely unaware of his true intentions and was harassed and threatened by him around a month after renting to Jamison.

Jamison, like Arleen, refused to pay rent and took advantage of legal loopholes to avoid being evicted.

Furthermore, he threatened Sonia with legal action, and the two frequently engaged in verbal sparring, according to the episode. In fact, Sonia was harassed to the point where she barred her bedroom door with chairs at night, fearing a violent attack.

Alex Miller, a Philadelphia resident, became involved in the serial squatter case in 2017 after a lawyer named Jed Creek responded to her Craigslist ad and expressed interest in becoming her tenant.

Alex met Jed at a local Starbucks, and the “lawyer” looked anxious to write her an $800 check after viewing her home. Things quickly deteriorated from there, with Jed refusing to pay his bills or rent.

Alex enlisted the help of her mother, who discovered that Jed was a fictitious name and that the man who shared the apartment with Alex was Jamison Bachman.

Jamison was well-known at the time, and the rivalry between him and Alex quickly escalated to hazardous proportions. Alex eventually obtained a restraining order against her tenant, and when Jamison continued to breach the order, he was arrested and charged with the crime.

Arleen Hairbaedian

Alex Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian, and Sonia Acevedo: Where Are They Now?

According to the show, Jamison was jailed for breaking a restraining order, but his brother quickly got him out of jail.

Alex’s mother became increasingly concerned about the situation and urged her daughter to leave the Philadelphia house.

Alex did not want to move, but the property management refused to renew her lease, forcing her to leave, according to the episode.

When the police told Alex, Arleen, and Sonia of Jamison’s arrest, they were astonished and bewildered because his brother had been his lone supporter throughout.

Worst Roommate Ever What Happened to 'Jamison Bachman'
After a series of strange things happened, Miller’s mother did some research and found ‘Jed Creek’ was actually a man named Jamison Bachman

Alex appears to be still residing in Philadelphia, surrounded by her friends and family. She is adamant about letting go of the past and is optimistic about a brighter future.

Sonia, who is quite discrete about her movements, stated that she began prioritising herself above others after the event with Jamison.

She’s been working on improving her credit score, healing herself, and preparing for a brighter future. Arleen, on the other hand, left her previous apartment for a better life.

She stated that she is in a better position now and that she is happy. Despite the fact that she has a new home to live in, Arleen is resolute about never having a roommate again.