Worst Roommate Ever: What Happened to ‘Jamison Bachman’ And How Did He Die?

Worst Roommate Ever What Happened to 'Jamison Bachman'
After a series of strange things happened, Miller's mother did some research and found 'Jed Creek' was actually a man named Jamison Bachman

After Philadelphia resident Alex Miller received a call from a potential tenant regarding the space she had available, the world became aware of Jamison Bachman’s storey.

Little did she know that the phone call would set off a frightening ordeal that would last months.

Worst Roommate Ever: Roommate Wanted,’ a Netflix original series, chronicles Alex’s ordeal and depicts how “serial-squatter” Jamison Bachman was finally apprehended in 2017 for his brother’s murder.

Let’s look into the intricacies of this case and see how Jamison ended up where he did.

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Jamison Bachman
Jamison Bachman

Jamison Bachman: Who Was He?

Jamison Bachman, interestingly, had a law degree and was well-versed in the legal area. He, on the other hand, displayed a reluctance to pass the bar or pursue a career as a lawyer.

Jamison, according to the episode, had a harsh father who abused him and his mother on a regular basis. Jamison’s childhood pals recounted how his father’s harshness had an impact on him when he was younger, and he progressively shifted from a vivacious, kind-hearted person to someone more evil.

Furthermore, the show cites Jamison’s involvement in the 1976 murder of Ken Gutzeit, which apparently made an indelible mark on him.

In 2005, Arleen Hairbaedian, a woman from Queens, New York, met Jamison in a park and befriended him. They quickly developed an intimate bond, and the two began dating shortly after.

According to the show, Arleen knew Jamison was a teacher at a school and later reported that their relationship appeared to be extraordinarily caring, tender, and understanding.

It didn’t take long for things to turn sour, and Jamison and Arleen were soon involved in multiple fights. Jamison also failed to pay Arleen’s rent or pay her bills when he rented a room in her apartment.

Even Arleen’s landlord couldn’t do anything because Jamison threatened him with legal action if he tried to remove him, according to the Netflix production.

Jamison and Arleen eventually obtained restraining orders against each other, but they were unsuccessful. Arleen was forced to contact the cops when Jamison refused to leave her flat.

However, once the officers arrived, Jamison cooked up a narrative about Arleen stabbing him with a knife, according to the episode. Arleen eventually had to leave her home and relocate just to be rid of Jamison.

Jamison subsequently rented a room from Sonia Acevedo in 2012. Sonia’s flat, which was also in Queens, was subjected to the same harassment as Arleen’s. For the first month, things seemed quite calm and serene, but Jamison quickly refused to pay rent or vacate his room.

Sonia attempted to remove him, but her attempts were futile, and she ended up in Jamison’s bad books. Sonia revealed that she used to barricade her bedroom door with chairs at night because she was afraid of them fighting vocally.

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Alex Miller
Alex shared how Jed removed all the light bulbs from the living room and moved the kitchen chairs into his bedroom

Finally, in 2017, Jamison came across Alex Miller’s rental advertisement and decided to apply. He called her under the alias Jed Creek and said he was a lawyer searching for a place to stay.

Before bringing him home, Alex met him at a neighbourhood Starbucks, where Jamison gave her a check for $800 as a deposit on the flat.

Alex, on the other hand, was harassed in the same way, which began when Jamison refused to pay an energy bill.

Tensions between the two quickly escalated, and they resorted to violent altercations. Despite the fact that Alex had obtained a restraining order against Jamison, he refused to give up and continued to trespass on Alex’s land.

Finally, seeing no other option, Alex reported him to the police, and Jamison was jailed for breaching a restraining order, according to the episode.

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Harry Bachman
Jamison’s 64-year-old brother Harry, pictured, bailed him out of jail but his wife Caroline wouldn’t let Jamison move into their home

What Caused Jamison Bachman’s Death?

Despite the fact that Jamison was charged with a crime, the episode stated that his older brother, Harry Bachman, bailed him out.

On November 4, 2017, when police arrived at Harry Bachman’s house, they discovered the eldest Bachman brother dead in his basement from blunt force injuries to the head. Furthermore, the assailant appeared to have fled in Harry’s red Ford Escape.

jamison bachman home
After Harry refused him a place to stay, he went on to murder his brother at his Elkins Park home in Philadelphia, pictured, before eventually killing himself

Nonetheless, the police acted quickly, and a thorough investigation led to the arrest of Jamison Bachman, a resident of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Despite the fact that Jamison was charged with his brother’s murder, the case was never brought to court.

Jamison hung himself to death in his own cell on December 8, 2017, according to Montgomery County Correctional Facility officials.

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