Apple TV+ Series ‘The Afterparty’ Season 1 Recap And Ending Explained

The Afterparty Season 1 Recap

The Afterparty‘ begins with the assassination of cringe-worthy gen-Z megastar Xavier (Dave Franco) and the ensuing rowdy inquiry led by Detective Danner (Tiffany Haddish).

Next, the eclectic cast of attendees who attended the disastrous party-turned-crime scene is probed, with each participant offering their own unique perspective on what happened.

The Apple TV+ series is a mix of humour and crime, with the former taking the lead. As a result, the plot contains some strange twists, not to mention the occasional animated episode.

But, despite the fact that a murder occurred just hours before, Season 1 ends on a surprisingly joyful tone.

So, how did things go for all of the oddball partygoers? Let’s take a deeper look at ‘The Afterparty’s’ ending to understand what’s going on.


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The Afterparty Season 1 Ending

The Afterparty Season 1 Recap

The story begins with a high school reunion attended by former friends, each with their own goal for the gathering. Chelsea is seeking vengeance for a humiliating high school party, while Aniq tries to rekindle a fleeting spark he experienced with Zoe.

The show’s star is mega-celebrity Xavier, who hosts the gathering at his house before unexpectedly dying on his bedroom balcony.

Detective Danner, who was initially tasked with securing the perimeter and ensuring that none of the guests (now potential suspects) leave, decides to solve the case independently.

A tangled series of events emerges as she interviews each person. With no other suspects to question, the detective finally goes to Maggie, Zoe’s young daughter.

Maggie is interviewed by Detective Danner in the season finale. The young girl narrates her version of the event joyfully, answering several key points along the way (such as where Jennifer 2 is and who drew the cat-face on Aniq).

Danner gathers all the visitors in the living room after hearing Maggie out. Then, with her corrupt successor, Detective Aldrin Germain, Danner lays out her theory of who killed Xavier en route to the crime scene.

Danner claims that the murderer is either Aniq, Brett, or Walt through a process of elimination. All three object vehemently, and it is later discovered that Walt was only attempting to carry out a fifteen-year-old streaking hoax.

Brett, the most aggressive of the three, is subsequently named as the prime suspect until Aniq, despite his distaste for Zoe’s “macho” ex-husband, discloses that Brett was not present at the time of the murder.

This leaves Aniq as the sole suspect, and for a brief time, it appears that the sweetest, least confrontational guest could be the murderer.

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Why Did Yasper Kill Xavier

Who is the Killer at the End of ‘The Afterparty’? What Caused Xavier’s Death?

Danner, on the other hand, is smarter than Aniq and instead suspect Yasper, the improbable (and slightly insecure) AV systems installer. This is surprising because Aniq spends the entire evening (post-murder) with Yasper.

However, when Danner narrates the events, the humorous and eccentric Yasper’s culpability becomes more clear.

When the AV installation is discovered in possession of Xavier’s phone, his outbursts are finally quieted, indicating his guilt. The rest of the room erupts in relief sighs, while Aniq stands there stunned.

Yasper has led out shortly after, where he is overjoyed to discover a mob of press reporters waiting for him, despite his detention. Aniq and Zoe dash away for a kiss in the car as Zoe’s favourite high school song plays on the stereo, and the season ends with the two kissing in the car.

As a result, the season comes to a close, with Yasper being revealed as the murderer. Despite the fact that it seemed impossible for him to have killed Xavier, let alone given Yasper’s strong alibi, Danner lays out the events in detail.

From the minute they arrived at the celebrity’s estate for the titled “afterparty,” Yasper had intended to assassinate Xavier. Instead, Yasper used his phone to flicker the lights in Xavier’s bedroom after taking a picture of himself at the home’s recording studio to serve as an alibi.

Yasper’s ability to organise the murder is aided by the fact that he had erected a complex remote lighting and sound system around Xavier’s home. Yasper hides in his cupboard after attracting Xavier, waiting for the right opportunity.

When the lanky AV technician and (unfortunately) Xavier’s former high school best friend sees the star alone, he pushes him from the balcony and to his death.

To complete the hoax, the killer then descends from the balcony, making it appear as though he is exiting Xavier’s room.

The Afterparty Season 1 Recap - who is the killer

What Was Yasper’s Motive for Killing Xavier?

Yasper, who appears to be the only person who cares about Xavier’s achievement, is discovered to be putting on a performance. In reality, he’s fuming inside about Xavier’s apparent treachery.

In previous episodes, we learned that Yasper and Xavier were a high school musical team that performed their song “How Great is This Party” on a regular basis. Yasper was the more popular of the two at the moment, therefore he kicked Xavier out of the band.

Years later, when Xavier rose to fame, he contracted Yasper to create a high-end audiovisual system in his home.

When the latter was left alone in the mansion, he dug through the celebrity’s “work in progress” music files and discovered Xavier was planning to release a cover of “How Great is This Party.”

Yasper met Xavier at the reunion, unseen by the rest of the group, only to be cruelly snubbed by the insufferable celebrity. Yasper murdered Xavier because he was enraged that his track and possible source of fame had been taken from him, and he had no other option.

According to Danner, the killer intended to steal the song after killing Xavier, then release it as a duet and become famous as a result of it.

Yasper is portrayed to be insecure about how his life has turned out from the beginning, which is why he leases a pricey car to bring to the reunion. Yasper is even more enraged by the idea that Xavier, a former band member, has made it big while he has been left behind.

The superstar who stole his tune and refused to give him credit is the final straw, driving Yasper to murder. Given that he confessed to the crime, it appears that Yasper will spend a significant amount of time in prison.

As a silver lining, the eccentric criminal is ecstatic to see the journalists assembled to witness his arrest, recognising that he is now renowned.

Where is Jennifer 2

What happened to Jennifer 2? Is She Alive or Dead?

The long-unsolved mystery of Jennifer 2 is eventually solved, ironically from the most unlikely source. Maggie, Zoe’s daughter, says she witnessed “the woman named 2 drop her drink” during her “interrogation” with Danner.

Jennifer 2’s water broke, according to the young girl, and it was later found that the missing woman had been at the hospital the entire time, giving birth.

Jennifer 1 announces at the end of the episode that Jennifer 2 has given birth to a child and that her husband is on his way back from Tokyo to be by her side. Jennifer 2 is, thus, very much alive, despite some concerns about her well-being.